Joss’d Episode #HAL2 – Special Discussion on Buffy S4 Ep4 “Fear Itself”

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Just in time for the Halloween season join Tabz, Kim, Emma and the team from Buffyfest (Dan, Tara, and Michelle) as they discuss Buffy Season 4 Episode 4 – “Fear Itself”. Spoilers abound in this episode so make sure you’ve watched all of Buffy before listening.

This episode is edited by John N.

Fear Itself Synopsis (from

Buffy reluctantly agrees to join Willow, Oz, and Xander at a Halloween frat party. The gang finds themselves in a real-life house of horrors, in which a Fear Demon feeds on their individual fears. Meanwhile, Anya needs Giles (who is for once trying to get into the spirit of Halloween) to help her save Xander when she realizes something is amiss.

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Favorite Quotes (Special Thanks to Buffyverse Dialogue Database)

Oz: Maybe it’s because of all the – horrific things we’ve seen, but hippos wearing tutus just don’t unnerve me the way they used to. (Emma)

Buffy: There is no problem that can not be solved with chocolate.
Willow: I think I’m going to barf.
Buffy: Except that. (Tara)

Willow: I’m Joan of Arc. I figured we had a lot in common, seeing as how – I was almost burned at the stake, and plus she had – that close relationship with God. (Michelle)

Giles: I should have translated the Gaelic inscription under the illustration of Gachnar.
Buffy: What’s it say?
Giles: Actual size. (Kim)

Guy 1: Is there any holiday that’s not about getting laid?
Guy 2: Arborday. (Dan)

Xander: Dress up, you know, something – scary.
Anya: Scary. Scary how?
Xander: Anya, you ex-demon, terrorized mankind for centuries. I’m sure you’ll come up with something. (Tabz)

Big thank you to Tara, Michelle and Dan for joining us. If you need more Buffy in your life make sure to check out their blog over at

Joss’d Episode #HAL1 – Special Discussion on Buffy S2 Ep6 “Halloween”

Just in time for the Halloween season join Tabz, Kim, Emma and the team from Buffyfest (Dan, Tara, and Michelle) as they discuss Buffy Season 2 Episode 6 – “Halloween”. Spoilers abound in this episode so make sure you’ve watched all of Buffy before listening.

Halloween Synopsis (from

It’s the most quiet night of the year for the undead, which would mean a quiet night for our Gang, except they’re pressganged by Principal Snyder into baby-sitting the kids of Sunnydale while they trick or treat. The gang go to buy their costumes at a new place run by a mysterious Englishman called Ethan Rayne. Xander saves money on a soldier’s costume, Buffy chooses a noblewoman’s costume to impress Angel, while Willow chooses a revealing outfit, at Buffy’s urging. She chickens out and wears a ghost’s sheet over it. Ethan is clearly a bad ‘un, since he casts a spell to turn people into their costumes. Buffy is now powerless and at the mercy of Spike, Xander is a real soldier, Willow is the Ghost of Hookers Past and everyone else is a monster. Ethan and Giles have some bad history it seems, and Giles brutally beats the spell reversal out of Ethan. This brings everyone back to normal, much to Spike’s displeasure.

Favorite Quotes (Special Thanks to Buffyverse Dialogue Database)

Cordelia: Angel’s a vampire? The cuddly carebear-with-fangs kind? (Tara)
Cordelia: When it comes to dating, I’m the slayer. (Tara)
Giles: (to Willow) and you’re the ghost of what exactly? (Emma)
Willow: “She couldn’t have dressed up like Xena?” (Tabz)
Oz: Who is that girl? (Dan)
Spike: Well this is just… neat (Kim)
Spike: Eyeballs to entrails, my sweet. (Michelle)

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Big thank you to Tara, Michelle and Dan for joining us. If you need more Buffy in your life make sure to check out their blog over at

Joss’d Episode #055 – Carry on My Wayward Son

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Joss Interview with Australia SciFi
Jane Espenson in Australia
Congrats NPH & Seth Green on Emmy Wins!
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Buffyfest ROCKS! Go visit now!
DragonCon is over 😉 — James Marsters cancelled and we kind of predicted it. (in case you don’t know how awesome it is)

Our review is fairly non-spoilerly (nothing big plot wise).
CW – Supernatural Website
IMDB – Supernatural

Character of the Episode
Agent Tanaka
Played by Mark Sheppard

Whedonverse Q&A

If you could ask Joss or any of the writers ONE question about the series they wrote, what would it be?

The question could be about why they wrote something, why they didn’t write something, any question really as long as it’s about the series they wrote.

Fan Music:

It’s SPN! by Mummyluvr
Filk parody of Stephen Lynch’s D&D song.

Got a cool classic car
Plays some rockin guitar
On the C-Dub on Thursday nights
And the boys’re on the run
Huntin’ down something fun
Everyone’s lookin’ out for a fight

I’ve got my room full of friends
Spec about how it ends
And we’re all beltin’ out some Wayward Son
‘N the lights are all out
For Tom Welling’s last pout
So bring on the hot boys and their guns

It’s SPN!
Fightin’ with the creatures of you
It’s SPN!
Never seen a man cry before (nope)

Now that old book of dads
And the friends that he had
Are used as huntin’ reference tools
And when we joke about clowns
And Heaven’s wrath comin’ down
Were the coolest kids in our schools


So Kripke is a bastard
But he’s pretty much our master
Holding every contract to our souls
And though it’s gettin’ kinda strange
With every misdirect and change
I need to see just how the story unfolds

It’s SPN!
Demon blood and plenty o’ gore
It’s SPN!
Never wanted her to die more

Now the Devil’s on the rise
Soon as that white light dies
And the shit’ll hit the fan from there
Whether we end at five
Or the show stays alive
We just want the network to play fair

For the brothers, you see
Whom we call Sam and Dean
Deserve their happy ending yet
And if they both die
There’ll be fear in Kripke’s eyes
As the fans hunt him down, hell regret

Writin’ SPN!
Were fangirls that can terrify
It’s SPN!
Like Dean without

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Joss’d Episode #54 – I Have a PhD in Horribleness!

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Game On with the Guild!

The Knights of the Guild podcast

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Captain Hammer
Nathan Fillion

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(Special Note, you can probably tell we recorded the middle bit before June…. ;))

Whedonverse Q&A

Joss has always had strong depictions of friendship throughout his work.
(From any show- Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse, Dr. Horrible) What are some of your favourite depictions of friendships?
(The depiction can be of certain characters overall friendships and/or certain acts of friendship between characters)

Click here for the question and all the answers.

Fan Music
Horrible Turn

Joss’d Episode #053 – Welcome to the City of the Ghost of Serenity Act 1

Join Tabz and Kim as they discuss recent news, Joss’ first episodes and introduce you to the wonder that is Lauren Fairweather. Sorry for the short notes, Tabz computer met liquid destruction and may be down for awhile.

Nick Brendon on Criminal Minds & Appearing in France
Whedonverse Questions answers our discussion about Joss’ first episodes.
Happy Town

Fan Music of the Episode
Engines Make Me Hot – Lauren Fairweather
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Joss’d Episode #052 – Beware of the Lizards

Tabz and Kim return and talk about comics (including the Guild, Terminator and Angel). Congrats to Felicia Day & Sean Becker for winning awards at the Streamys! Tabz inserts Doctor Who love, but Kim brings them back to topic – including Glee! The gals squee and discuss NPH and Joss’ upcoming episode (coming May 18th). Tabz predicts Heidi will appear, and then she did! The Liane stumps us with a V trivia question. Then Kim and Tabz return to discuss V, with help from some LJ friends. Tabz also alienates all of the Joss’d fans (ha, alien.. see what we did there). Larissa shares another Whedonverse Question! Tabz and Kim also discuss the question. Tabz makes a plea for everyone to watch Chuck when it comes back in May. Then they introduce the fan song, “Twixt My Nethers” by the uber talented Tally. Of course, Liane gives the answer to her trivia and then the awesome “Twixt My Nethers” song.

Host Links
The Guild Comic Book <- Buy on Amazon Terminator Comic
The Streamys
Oprah’s Behind the Scenes with Glee
NPH Talks About Glee
V The Series – ABC

Whedonverse Questions

How do you feel about the Xander/Anya relationship? In Doublemeat Palace, did Halfrek have a point about the way Xander treated Anya? Do you think that if Xander had gone through with the wedding, he and Anya would have had a happy marriage? If Anya had lived (*sob*), do you think they’d have gotten back together?

My sister and I got into a pretty heated discussion about them earlier (short story – she loves them, I don’t [that is, I adore both characters, particularly Anya, but I don’t like them as a couple]) and I’d like to find out how other fans feel.

Click here to read the Question and add your own thoughts!

Thanks to Heidi, Robin, John, Rochelle & Faith (the Vampire Slayer) for reading the answers!

Fan Song
Twixt My Nethers – Tally

Joss’d Episode #051 – I’m Still Stuck in the Magic Box…

Join Tabz, Kim, and Heidi celebrate that we’ve passed 50 episodes! And they also rejoice that Felicia Day has a SyFy miniseries coming soon! Tabz corrects herself, but once again she’s now outdated – Castle HAS been renewed (as of yesterday). Preorder the next Castle Book! Liane brings trivia from Chaos Bleeds, of the sweet kind! Heidi looks at Ethan Rayne (our favorite British bad guy). Then Heidi, Kim and Tabz discuss Chaos Bleeds Playstation 2 Game (also Xbox and GameCube). We start a new segment, Whedonverse Questions, with Larissa! We end the episode with some little fandom news and, of course, the answer to Liane’s trivia.

This episode was edited by the very awesome John N.

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Whedonverse Questions
Affilated with The Whedonverse Questions LJ Comm!

This Episode’s Question: In Buffy, Angel, Firefly and Dollhouse, who was the most evil character?
See the question and answers here.

Thanks to Larissa, Melissa, Jen, Valina Cutler & Robin Hudson for voicing the answers!

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Joss Whedon – Complete Level 12 with Professional difficulty. for Joss Whedon

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Some Interviews from Chaos Bleeds:

Zack’d #050 – Felicia Day is Still Awesome Part 2

Tabz, Kim and Andrew discuss what TV shows will be picked up for the fall and what are likely to not be renewed (sorry guys!). Zack Whedon gets a shout out for being the best writer in the world and how we’re changing the name to Zack’d. Tabz explains why she loves House, MD and Andrew warns against fan-girl-ism. Liane gives us another Guild question to puzzle over. Heidi gives a character sketch of Zaboo (The Guild). We have another panel recording from Farpoint Convention, Felicia Day had just had lunch with a guy who bid $5000 for the lunch with Felicia in the charity auction. Felicia discusses her knitting, Buffy, motorcycles and accents. Kim, Andrew and Tabz finish up the episode discussing more TV shows are up for renewal next fall (or not). Tabz and Kim geek out about Supernatural and why you should be watching. We also present the most awesome Gmail feature we wish we had:

by burningdust

Host Links
What’s In? What’s Out? (Renewal Score Card from EW)
Update Fringe is DEF renewed for Season 3

Character of the Episode
Sandeep Parikh
Legend of Neil

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