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Joss wants Summer for Dollhouse (Well, duh!)

Summer Glau

Mr. Whedon has told Michael Ausiello that he has been coveting Summer Glau for Dollhouse for some time. “If anybody thinks [bringing Summer onto Dollhouse] hasn’t occurred to me already then they have not met me,” he says. “I mentioned it to her before [SCC] was canceled. I was like, ‘You know, we should get you in the ‘house.’ But first we have to come up with something that works.” He went on to say, “Summer would be perfect to play an active, but she’s done that [type of role] a lot.” And, “I’d rather see her play someone who talks too much. The most fun I have is when I get somebody who’s good and comfortable at doing something, and then I make them do something else.” (Oh, Joss, you evil, evil thing, you.) And Summer has told Joss, “I would like to play a normal girl before I die of extreme old age.” LOL!

So, yeah, now that T:SCC has been given the ‘ol boot to the head, will we see our mei mei in the ‘house?

“Riikka” mentioned in the comments of the Ausiello piece that he/she would like to see Summer play twins. One on the outside, searching for the one on the inside. That would give Summer the opportunity to play her patented quiet crazy girl role we love so much while making with the talky talk as a nosey sister looking for her twin.

I’d say the best way to cast Summer in Dollhouse is to cast her in a dual role. Say there are identical twins; one has everything and a generally good life, while the other gets in way over her head and joins the Dollhouse. To her twin, it’s like she’s completely disappeared, and there are eventually mistakes where one is thought to be the other. When the non-active twin realises what’s been done to her sister, she also wants to take down the Dollhouse, perhaps even to the point of trading places with her sister to try and infiltrate the secret base.

So, what’s your dream role for Summer on Dollhouse?

Joss Comments on Buffy Reboot

The link above will take you to the full article about Joss Whedon’s comments about the previously reported Buffy movie.  Joss has not been approached to help with the film as far as we know.  Whedon’s comment: “I hope it’s cool.”  The author ponders the meaning of the four word comment and expresses outrage of the possibility of a Buffy film without Whedon being involved.  Sound off in the comments section!

Joss vs. J.J. –

J.J. Abrams
J.J. Abrams

Note: Casting spoiler for Dollhouse!
Sarah Lafferty over at writes about Fanboy Faves Joss Whedon and J.J. Abrams. While not a comprehensive guide, it is a great glimpse at the two men and their impact on TV. Lists some of Joss’s fave go-to actors. Plus, Joss fans will approve of her conclusions ;).

Harvard Honors Joss with Awesome Award

Harvard, in it’s extreme wisdom, has bestowed on Joss Whedon the Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award in Cultural Humanism.

I think the best part is the Dr. Horrible-style cover of (I think) the poster for the event. According to fitzroy on Twitter there “will be webcast on WGBH and available on CD.”

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Let’s Just Call it the Whedonverse Streamy Awards

The first annual Streamy (not steamy Joss) was a star-studded event with a level of professionalism not seen for web series in the past. Whedon fans who have been following the success of Dr. Horrible won’t be surprised that it seems that main stream is starting to understand the value and importance of the web industry. To hear more of my thoughts about that check out the post I did on Social Media World.

Whedon fans will be happy to know not only did Felicia Day, Joss Whedon, Maurissa Tancharoen, Neil Patrick Harris and Jane Espenson make off with awards, they also hit a huge nerve with the rest of their peers. My favorite was Blake Calhoun, who won best directing for a dramatic series for his show Pink, who said in his acceptance speech, “thank goodness The Guild or Dr. Horrible wasn’t in this category.” And John Stern, who accepted best guest star for Paul Rudd called the Streamys, “the first Dr. Horrible Awards.”

Maurissa, Joss, NPH, Felicia and Jane Espenson the big winners at the Streamys (photos by released under Creative Commons).

So what did our Whedonverse Alumns (and Joss) win?

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