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Joss’d Episode #060 – Much Ado Q&A Recording from Landmark Theater (June 7, 2013)


Tabz was able to record the Q&A from the Much Ado film premiere at the Landmark Theater on June 7th, 2013.

The Q&A included special guests: Joss Whedon, Amy Acker (Beatrice), Alexis Denisof (Benedick), Clark Gregg (Leonato), and Tom Lenk (Verges). Panel run by Adam B. Vary from Buzzfeed.

Special note: If you’re spoiler-phobic about AvengersAngel, or even Much Ado About Nothing do not listen!


Joss’d Episode #057 – Eliza Rocks!

Kim and Tabz geek out about summer TV in the Whedonverse and why you should be watching Eureka in particular. They also try to figure out why Wil Wheaton keeps being cast as a jerk. We hear a great promo from the BTL Network podcast, Knights of the Guild. The news people seem very confused, but they get over it and talk about Eliza’s newest role (get her some cat nip) and Dark Horse’s new Faith and Angel comic. Two other Whedonverse actors are popping up in new roles (yay). Kim and Tabz talk about Eliza’s acting ability in Whedonverse shows and how awesome she is. Nutty tells us about Eliza’s first roles (hint: it’s not Faith). And Tabz and Kim talk about QMx’s new Whedonverse statutes. Tabz explains what sarcasm is and doesn’t get interrupted by Kim. They also discuss Whedon academics and how you can join the Whedon Studies Association. John also puts in about fifty of our outtakes. He’s so awesome.

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Whedon Studies Association

News Links
Look at Dusku as Catwoman
Angel and Faith Comic (Spoilers)
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Dichen Lachman added to the cast of US version of Being Human

Whedonverse Q&A

So, I’ve been watching Firefly.

(And before I say anything else, I have to get rid of some Firefly squee – OMG, I cannot believe television can be this good. I am so, so in love.)

And before that, early last year, I watched Dollhouse. Now I know that Dollhouse doesn’t even come near the brilliance that is Firefly (even though, I really did enjoy Dollhouse. Especially the second season, but nonetheless, I started to think. After watching Firefly and Serenity, I began to see where Dollhouse came from. From what idea. The whole River story started to remind me of Echo and the other Dolls. It was like seeing an extreme AU of Firefly, where the experimentation with brains went to doll-creating, creating someone as a weapon or assassin. Just that the Blue Hands in Firefly aren’t quite there yet. (Thank god.)

So I thought I’d just throw that out there. What do you think? To what extent do the dolls in Dollhouse follow on from the Blue Hand’s project in Firefly?

I just think it’s interesting that Joss has had this topic on his mind so much. :p

See the question, answers and answer it yourself!

Thanks to Scott W., Dan Putnam and AthenaMuze for reading the answers.

Before Faith
Thanks so much Nuchtchas for the look back at Eliza Dushku’s first roles!
Eliza Dushku IMDb page

Character of the Episode
Eleanor Penn from Dollhouse

Joss’d Episode #HAL4 – Special Discussion on Buffy S6 Ep6 “All the Way”

Just in time for the Halloween season join Tabz, Kim, Emma and the team from Buffyfest (Dan, Tara, and Michelle) as they discuss Buffy Season 6 Episode 6 – “All the Way”. Spoilers abound in this episode so make sure you’ve watched all of Angel before listening.

All the Way Synopsis (from Buffyverse Dialogue Database)
Another Halloween in Sunnydale: Xander & Anya announce their engagement, Dawn sneaks off on a double date, Tara & Willow argue about Willow’s overuse of magic.

Favorite Quotes
WILLOW: I know, but look, with the hat, and the, the wart! (smiles) Oh! Let’s go fill your tummy up with sugary niblets, okay? (Kim)

ANYA: That was the most incredible thing I have ever experienced. (off Xander’s look) Except for that. (to everyone) What you all did for me tonight … the astounding heaps of money you helped me- (Xander clears his throat) …us acquire. All I can say is, I hope we make as much tomorrow. (Tabz)

DAWN: So what are you supposed to be?
ANYA: An angel.
DAWN: Oh. Shouldn’t you have wings?
ANYA: Oh no, this is a special kind of angel called a Charlie. We don’t have wings, we just skate around with perfect hair fighting crime. Where’s your costume? (Dan)

Spike: I’m a rebel. You’re an idiot. (Michelle)

Seth Harwood’s new book, YOUNG JUNIUS!
Find out more at

Big thank you to Tara, Michelle and Dan for joining us. If you need more Buffy in your life make sure to check out their blog over at

Joss’d #049 – Felicia Day is Still Awesome

fdJoin Kim, Tabz and Andrew as they talk about how awesome Felicia Day is (still) and how to win all of your enemies over by buying a copy of The Guild on DVD. Liane gives us some sweet trivia. Heidi brings us a Guild “Character of the Episode” for Clara. Thanks to David for our awesome panel recording of Felicia Day from the Farpoint Convention! The Mars Effect gets pimped out (and Tabz makes a HIMYM reference). Tabz gets boxed in and forgot about “Big Bang Theory”. Andrew reads some Joss’d fanmail (thanks Hammond!) and Kim & Tabz answer it after dissolving into giggles.

Host Links
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The Guild: Seasons 1 & 2 on Amazon
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Cop Out (Michelle T!)

Felicia Day Convention Recording
(Thanks to C. David Dent!)
Felicia Day’s Website

Farpoint Convention

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To Be Real! Joss and the Female Character

If there one thing Joss Whedon does well, it’s writing female characters that are real and whole.

However, there has been some debate as to whether the female characters of ‘Dollhouse’ will “flesh out” to be of the same caliber as his previous “Lady Leads.” I have to admit, there have been a few things in the fledgling show that sparked debate amongst my mates as well. Interestingly enough, there are other fans of the show that are venturing out to write how they feel about ‘Echo’ and the girls of ‘Dollhouse.;

Alyssa Rosenberg of The Atlantic has written an interesting essay on Joss Whedon and his great ability to create such amazing female characters. Beyond that, she explores some of the aspects of ‘Echo’ and the ‘Dollhouse’ that many of us are thinking, but few are saying! Her article “Joss Whedon and the Real Girl” is a good read that will definitely cover some of the thoughts you may have already had!

Read. Think. Enjoy

You can find the article here.

Joss’d News: Can NASA Launch ‘Serenity’ Again?

No, NASA won’t be fronting the money for a sequel to one of the greatest sci-fi films of all time. Though we can dream!

However, NASA is looking to name the International Space Station’s Node 3 and have turned to the public for help. The statement on the NASA website is this;

NASA wants your opinion in naming the International Space Station’s Node 3 – a connecting module and its cupola. The name should reflect the spirit of exploration and cooperation embodied by the space station, and follow in the tradition set by Node 1- Unity- and Node 2- Harmony.

To stay within those parameters, the available choices are; Venture, Legacy, Eathrise, and awesomely, SERENITY! We have an amazing opportunity to impact both space and the fandom! Voting will remain open until March 20, 2009 and the results released in April. Serenity is currently in the lead with an outstanding 86% of the vote!

Thanks to Jason over at ActiveDollhouse for the heads-up.

Read. Vote. Lauch!

You can find the article and vote here.