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4 Days 15:58:19 and counting . . .


4 days 15:58:19 and counting to pre-order your copy of the San Diego Comic Con exclusive  Dollhouse Season 1 DVD or Blu Ray! I’m a little late to the party on this one, but HAD to post it.

Yes, that’s right, FOX offering pre-orders for this piece of shiny! Go to the designated website and when the timer runs down, snap up a copy!

From Joss Whedon comes the beautiful, haunting, and mesmerizing new series Dollhouse. Own all 12 Season 1 episodes, plus 2 unaired episodes – the original pilot and Epitaph One – in the complete Season 1 set. Exclusively for Comic-Con, Joss Whedon has written a letter to his fans and each one is individually numbered and included in the limited edition packaging that is only available here! Don’t miss your chance to own one of only 5000 produced.

Note: This is a Comic Con exclusive. If you aren’t going, you’ll have to hope someone puts up their copy on Ebay!

And, guess who’s going? Neenerneenerneener! 😀

Joss wants Summer for Dollhouse (Well, duh!)

Summer Glau

Mr. Whedon has told Michael Ausiello that he has been coveting Summer Glau for Dollhouse for some time. “If anybody thinks [bringing Summer onto Dollhouse] hasn’t occurred to me already then they have not met me,” he says. “I mentioned it to her before [SCC] was canceled. I was like, ‘You know, we should get you in the ‘house.’ But first we have to come up with something that works.” He went on to say, “Summer would be perfect to play an active, but she’s done that [type of role] a lot.” And, “I’d rather see her play someone who talks too much. The most fun I have is when I get somebody who’s good and comfortable at doing something, and then I make them do something else.” (Oh, Joss, you evil, evil thing, you.) And Summer has told Joss, “I would like to play a normal girl before I die of extreme old age.” LOL!

So, yeah, now that T:SCC has been given the ‘ol boot to the head, will we see our mei mei in the ‘house?

“Riikka” mentioned in the comments of the Ausiello piece that he/she would like to see Summer play twins. One on the outside, searching for the one on the inside. That would give Summer the opportunity to play her patented quiet crazy girl role we love so much while making with the talky talk as a nosey sister looking for her twin.

I’d say the best way to cast Summer in Dollhouse is to cast her in a dual role. Say there are identical twins; one has everything and a generally good life, while the other gets in way over her head and joins the Dollhouse. To her twin, it’s like she’s completely disappeared, and there are eventually mistakes where one is thought to be the other. When the non-active twin realises what’s been done to her sister, she also wants to take down the Dollhouse, perhaps even to the point of trading places with her sister to try and infiltrate the secret base.

So, what’s your dream role for Summer on Dollhouse?

Watch ‘Chuck’ and ‘Dollhouse’

Are we sick of hearing about saving Dollhouse yet?  I hope not!

The Cinema Post has a great article about saving shows ‘on the bubble’ this year and how Dollhouse and Chuck should build a following.  Remember, thanks to the faith at Fox and NBC, the hard working cast and crew of the shows and the coordinated outcry of fans, these shows are coming back in the fall (Woo hoo!).  But there is a catch:  we still have to watch them!

If you haven’t seen these shows, you can check them out at Hulu.  If you are like me and live outside the United States, you may have to get a bit creative, or buy the DVDs.  Either way, we need to watch these shows if we want them to stick around, right?  Fan power!  I feel like I need a glowing ring of some sort.

Dollhouse Gets Renewed

Fox has decided to renew the freshman series Dollhouse for next season, but only for 13 episodes.  A full season might be contigent on ratings and other stuff that networks look at.  So Dollhouse fans, now is a time to rejoice and try to recruit new fans.  If you watch a lot of television and like to know what shows have been picked up, or canceled, check out the Ausiello Files over at  I have posted a link below that has a scorecard which displays the fate of television shows and the prospects for others.  It is frequently updated when new information is given so check it often.

Dollhouse Still Open for Business

Dollhouse Season 2: Hope is Still Alive!

Whedon related blogs and entertainment sites have been abuzz with reports that Dollhouse’s chances for a second season are bleak. Or pretty good. Depending on who you talk to….

Whedon himself reported that he is hopeful for the future of the series. He says he is proud of the material coming out and can’t say much more. I’m sure he, as well as all his fans, are a bit gun-shy when it comes to network television. Can we say he’s cautiously optimistic?

Usually in these cases, fans of the series start calling and e-mailing everyone they know to watch the series to bring the ratings up. Well, unfortunately, unless you are bosom buds with someone who has a Nielsen device in their home, that won’t make much of a difference. [Editor’s Note from Tabz: Actually, it’s been confirmed that Hulu and DVR numbers ARE being looked at by the networks – so please if you watch, watch/record! To a lesser extent DVD pre-sales may factor in.] For those of us in Canada, those efforts may be even more useless because in my experience the American network bosses care very little about what us Canadians are into (Corner Gas, anyone?).

There has also been some confusion over the mysterious 13th episode.  My understanding is that it is a stand-alone episode and will not likely air on the network (Joss says the jury is still out), but it will be part of the DVD release.

In any event, I do still think you should check out the series … while it’s still around …

Dollhouse S1 DVD now available for Pre-order on

dollhousedvdAfter all the meltdown yesterday (the fandom is as strong and viable as ever) some good news if you want to see that final (13th or 14th depending on your math) episode with Felicia Day. You can now preorder the DVD set on the list price is $49.98 but the price is $34.99. No word yet on the Blue Ray version which still says “sign up to be notified when this will be available”.

Despite the ruckus, I can’t wait to have these next to my Buffy, Angel, Firefly and Dr. Horrible DVDs. How about you? Are you going to be pre-ordering, purchasing or getting your hands on these DVDs (don’t listen to Laura and try to steal them).

Fox Apparently Not Airing the Final Dollhouse Episode

After what appeared to only be a PR mistake, it’s been confirmed by Felicia Day and the Dr. Horrible team on Twitter that the final episode of Dollhouse will not air. This after Fox told Dollverse that all the episodes would air (on 3/28/09). In what appears to be horrible, but sadly not surprising move by Fox the pinacle episode will only be featured on the Dollhouse DVD set.

As someone who has tried desperately to cut Fox some slack, I’m extremely disappointed. This is not canceling a show, this is not an effort to save money, this is lopping off one episode that’s already been made. Will more fans buy the DVD set because you didn’t air it? No. The fans will buy the DVD set because we buy everything. You should know that.

Not that Fox cares. I’ve tried really hard to justify your treatment of Firefly. This past year of TV has been great with Chuck, Lie to Me, House, Life, Life on Mars, etc… but really after seeing the shows up on the chopping block for the 2009-2010 season I’ve come to realize that TV is dead to me. I’ll happily move on to web series, since apparently they’re the only place I’m going to get any decent entertainment next year. And you know what, I know you don’t care. I’m obviously not part of the percentage of people you want watching your shows.

There’s some hope within the fandom that this is an intelligent move – that you’re saving the last episode for something great (like a summer-there’s-nothing-on-TV move). And if so, then I’ll go back to happily singing your praises and defending you as only a passionate fangirl (who is in PR) can.

If you’d like to let Fox know how you feel about this you can e-mail at or contact @foxbroadcasting on Twitter. As fans are saying it’s very important to BE POLITE!

For more fan discussion check out the thread on Whedonesque.