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Paleyfest is for (Joss) Lovers – Dr. Horrible Edition

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Joss, Jed and Zack Whedon; Maurissa; Nathan and Felicia at Paleyfest 2009 (photo by marchustvedt)

Last night, for the first time in Paleyfest history, they recognized a web series and, of course, that series was Dr. Horrible.

For those of you who don’t know Paleyfest is sponsored by the Paley Center for Media (formerly known as The Museum of Television & Radio (MT&R) and The Museum of Broadcasting). The event is fairly corporate in feel, it’s held at the Arclight in Hollywood and price for non-members is $45 a head. Last year I attended the much touted Buffy Reunion panel and tonight’s event was much the same: only for Dr. Horrible.

The event opens with kind of a teaser for the Paleyfest. A video showing clips of previous panels and what the Paleyfest represents. Then someone usually introduces the evening, and then Joss got up and introduced the screening of Dr. Horrible (all three acts).

It was fun to see Dr. Horrible on the big screen. I believe all of the acting (subtle movements you may have caught on the smallish side on the internet and then your home DVD) is only enhanced by the larger screen. I also noticed more of the background elements (like there’s a Caring Hands poster in the hall where Captain Hammer is giving his speech in Act 3). People sang along with most of the songs and, unlike last year with the Buffy panel’s screening of Once More with Feeling I didn’t hear a bunch of complaining about the audience singing along.

Joss Whedon Paleyfest 2009 (photo by danregal)

Then it was time for the panel. Matt Roush introduced the panel members (who had been sitting in the audience): Maurissa Tancharoen, Jed Whedon, Zack Whedon, Felicia Day, Nathan Fillion and Joss Whedon. During the first couple moments of everyone being on stage Maurissa announced she and Jed were getting married this Saturday (congrats guys). They also talked about how they originally thought Dr. Horrible was going to be a really small production. Jed quipped that they had asked “so are we going to do it in your living room or ours”. Then Joss decided to ask around. The head of Universal gave them the backlot “for a song,” Joss said. To which Nathan replied, “Freeze Ray?”

Joss then said that he was in talks with a lot of people about getting Dr. Horrible made, but no one was really moving on it. So finally “I made a deal with myself,” Joss said. “I gave myself really good terms.” As a result, as most Horrible fans know, the actors and crew worked for nearly nothing until Doctor Horrible started making money.

Now, last year at the Paleyfest Buffy Reunion Joss was late because of shooting Dr. Horrible and he reveled he had been at the laundry mat wrapping up filming when he ducked in the bathroom, put on a suit and ran down to the panel. Maurissa said, “It was a nice suit.”

Nathan continued the “feud” with Neil Patrick Harris by saying, “”I can’t even tell you guys how much joy it brings to my heart that… Neil couldn’t make it.” Roush commented to say that the only reason NPH wasn’t here was because he was out of the country.

The Whedon Bros and Maurissa didn’t give any specifics about the Dr. Horrible Sequel everyone keeps asking about, though they did comment that they had talked a lot about it. Apparently Dollhouse writer meetings have had a lot of “sidebars” talking about Dr. Horrible. The Whedons said they’ve talked about doing it in a different form (theatrically, on the internet again, legitimate theater). Then Joss “asked the audience” what form they’d like to see it. “Puppets?” He asked. To a rallying applause from the audience.

Matt asked Jed about the music and if it was “Sweeney Todd” in nature. Jed agreed saying, “Definitely a Sondheim influence because it’s unavoidable if you’re writing something that’s good.” Which garnered more applause from the audience (apparently there were many Sondheim fans, which made me happy).

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Let’s Just Call it the Whedonverse Streamy Awards

The first annual Streamy (not steamy Joss) was a star-studded event with a level of professionalism not seen for web series in the past. Whedon fans who have been following the success of Dr. Horrible won’t be surprised that it seems that main stream is starting to understand the value and importance of the web industry. To hear more of my thoughts about that check out the post I did on Social Media World.

Whedon fans will be happy to know not only did Felicia Day, Joss Whedon, Maurissa Tancharoen, Neil Patrick Harris and Jane Espenson make off with awards, they also hit a huge nerve with the rest of their peers. My favorite was Blake Calhoun, who won best directing for a dramatic series for his show Pink, who said in his acceptance speech, “thank goodness The Guild or Dr. Horrible wasn’t in this category.” And John Stern, who accepted best guest star for Paul Rudd called the Streamys, “the first Dr. Horrible Awards.”

Maurissa, Joss, NPH, Felicia and Jane Espenson the big winners at the Streamys (photos by released under Creative Commons).

So what did our Whedonverse Alumns (and Joss) win?

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The First Annual Streamy Awards Ceremony

Online entertainment grew up in 2008. Major production studios, independent new media producers, and a swath of talent ranging from Hollywood celebrities to overnight internet sensations contributed to the development of a distinctive and vibrant new medium. It’s time it got its own awards.

The Streamys were created to recognize and honor outstanding achievement for shows produced originally for broadband distribution, and recognizes both the shows themselves and the people who make them possible, through awards in 24 categories covering the arts and sciences of web television. The winners of the Streamy Awards will be celebrated at a live ceremony in Los Angeles on March 28, 2009.

Why should Joss fans be excited? Both Dr. Horrible, Jane Espenson and Felicia Day’s the Guild are up for awards!

Tickets on Sale

A very limited number of tickets to the Streamy Awards Ceremony have been made available to the public. You will receive an official invitation once you have made your purchase. Dress is fancy attire. The event begins at 7:30 pm. Red Carpet arrivals begin at 6:00 pm.

Stay Connected

Stay in the loop. Follow the Streamy Awards on Twitter, and join our Facebook Group. Want to help pick the winners? Make sure to cast your vote in the Audience Choice Awards.

PLEASE NOTE: All purchases are non-refundable, and non-transferable. Pre-payment is required on all purchases. Tickets will not be available at the door.

Dr. Horrible, The Guild and Jane Espenson Nominated at the Streamy Awards

The 1st Annual Streamy Awards, honoring the best in web television from 2008, announced the nominees for their award show. Dr. Horrible and the Guild have both picked up nominations. Dr. Horrible seems to have picked up a nominations in every category that’s applicable. Also, Jane Espenson is nominated for writing the webseries, Battlestar Galactica: The Face of the Enemy.

Voting for best web series, a people’s choice award, opens March 16th.

For a complete list of the nominees click here.