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Vlog with Amber Benson (and a Contest)!

You Are Invited! Guest Vlog Chat and Contest With Author Amber Benson
Start Time:
Monday, March 8, 2010 at 12:00pm
End Time:
Tuesday, March 9, 2010 at 11:55pm
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RSVP For: 3/8 Guest Vlog, Chat and Contest With Author/Actress Amber Benson. Event starts at 12:00 pm Central and runs all day and into the night. Contest runs until 11:59 pm Central on 3/9/10.

Description: Join us with author/actress Amber Benson for a guest vlog, chat and contest at She will also be talking about her newest release Cat’s Claw.

She is also giving away some AMAZING prizes to several lucky contest entrants.

Prize 1: A personal phone call from Amber where you get to ask her your own 5 questions about Cat’s Claw and the writing process! Open to readers worldwide.

Prize 2: A full read and critique of someone’s unpublished manuscript! Open to readers worldwide done via email.

Prize 3: Five copies of Cat’s Claw – Open to readers with addresses in the US and Canada.

and get 25 entries to the contest when you show up on the day of the event. If you don’t show up and mention your RSVP AND ask a question, you won’t be entered into the contest.

Check out her website here and get your questions ready for her event.

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What the Star Trek Writers Have to Say About a Buffy Reboot (without Whedon)

kurtzman-orciI just got back from a fantastic Writers On Writing evening with Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci about the craft of writing movies, television, what it was like working on Star Trek and much more. Toward the end of the panel someone in the audience said that they had “opened the gates to hell”, meaning that they had created a world where people were saying, “if you can reboot Star Trek, you can reboot anything.” The questioner asked what they thought of this, and then he referenced today’s story about Buffy possibly getting rebooted without Joss.

Alex looked sad and said, “really?”

The question asker confirmed as well as several members of the audience.

Bob made the funny comment that, “well, we didn’t think it was possible… until we came up with an idea on how we could do it.” (Referencing early conversations about how they were a bit reluctant to take the Transformers movie because they weren’t sure about the storyline.)

Alex then said that it would take someone who had a passion for the property to really do the script justice. Both Alex and Bob were very aware of the fandom when they went to write Star Trek, and they realized they were also accountable to the iconic-ness of Star Trek. And if someone could do that for Buffy, it could be awesome.

This from, what could be considered, the Kings of the Reboot: Alex and Bob.

Sorry it’s Mr. Alex Kurtzman and Mr. Robert Orci (inside joke from their talk).

Joss Comments on Buffy Reboot

The link above will take you to the full article about Joss Whedon’s comments about the previously reported Buffy movie.  Joss has not been approached to help with the film as far as we know.  Whedon’s comment: “I hope it’s cool.”  The author ponders the meaning of the four word comment and expresses outrage of the possibility of a Buffy film without Whedon being involved.  Sound off in the comments section! -reboot 1992 -retcon [y/N]

I just felt a powerful disturbance, like a million fanboys screaming, “Oh no, not again” in unison.

Reboot fever is running rampant in Hollywood thanks to the success of the new Star Trek movie. Up next on the docket: Buffy. The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Fran and Kaz Kuzui are working with Vertigo Entertainment to relaunch Buffy: The Vampire Slayer.

Kuzui Enterprises were the executive producers of both the 1992 movie and the TV series, as well as its spinoff, Angel. As we all know, there have been rumors flying for a long time about a possible Buffy movie. They have surely wanted to bring their property back to life, and with the interest of Vertigo’s Roy Lee and Doug Davison, they have something to run with.

Vertigo has its ties to Buffy in that they produced Sarah Michelle Gellar’s horror flicks, The Grudge and The Grudge 2. What this also shows is that Vertigo has been successful with remakes, like The Grudge, The Ring, and other horror movies that Vertigo remade for Hollywood.

This could, in my opinion, bode well if they can give Buffy a real reboot. If they take our beloved Slayer in a whole new direction, I could be willing to forgive a lot. I could even consider this a good thing if Joss Whedon was involved, but he has not been approached as of now. Further, the blasphemy continues in their suggestion that none of the Scoobies from the long-running TV series would be in the movie. Well, in my humble and unrequested opinion, that would be like a remake of Star Trek featuring Kirk but without Spock, Scotty, Sulu, Bones and the rest of the crew. Not just a J.J. Abrams-induced recast and retcon, but a whole new universe to play in.

I’m torn. For I am a Joss Whedon fan to the core, but I’m also a Buffy fan. I say give Fran and Kaz enough celluloid to hang themselves or to prove fans wrong. I’d personally rather see a Season Eight influenced movie with Joss and the TV cast back, but I think we’ve all heard (repeatedly) that just isn’t gonna happen. Maybe this old beastie just needs some fresh blood to bring her back.

The 25 Greatest Sci-Fi Shows Ever

Several Whedonverse shows are included in Wizzard Universe’s recent article entitled “The 25 Greatest Sci-Fi Shows Ever!”. I won’t spoil with where on the list each of our shows ended up.

These types of articles are always fun because fans love to debate the rankings and what shows did or didn’t make the list. Of course any list like this that leaves off Farscape needs to closely scrutinized.

You can check out the article here…

Buffy’s 10 Year Reunion!

The creators of the Buffy Sing Along present:

They graduated high school.

The creators of the Buffy Sing Along are staging an all new event that celebrates those glory days: THE SUNNYDALE HIGH SCHOOL CLASS REUNION. We are checking our where-are-they-now file to find out what happened to the graduating class of 1999 (and, for that matter, what happened to the entire town of Sunnydale), with an evening of Buffy contests, enlightening Buffy trivia, and special tributes to all of the dearly departed Sunnydale classmates. Plus, everyone gets their own alumni name badge and we’ll party like it’s…you know…with music and videos from the end of the century. Plus other surprises!
Costumes from the show and/or the late 90s are encouraged – but you are also welcome to come as you are. And at the end of the night, one special fan will be awarded with their own “Class Protector” award.

Find out more here!

Intro to Buffy 101

Over at Jane After Dark, writer Jane Boursaw tells us that she just watched Buffy for the first time, and lists her top five fave moments.  Wow.  I haven’t actually met anyone who discovered Buffy just recently (although I try to convince all the kids I teach that all major life lessons can be learned in the Buffyverse ;).

Anyway, that got me thinking.  How would I convince someone to watch Buffy today?  It might help if that someone were already a fan of some of Joss’s recent work, like Dollhouse or Dr. Horrible.  If not, how do you suck someone into the World of Whedon?

I found the list Jane created a bit surprising.  I mean, most Buffy fans I know would list “Once More, With Feeling” in their top five!   That doesn’t mean, however, that my faves would make good choices for an “Intro to Buffy” course.  I had one rather pathetic attempt to create a Buffy fan that involved “Hush” (my second favourite episode).  There is a moment that was a bit too much for my friend where someone’s head explodes.  I obviously hadn’t thought that far ahead.  Hmm.

So, after some thought, here is my list of introductory episodes.  Please don’t yell at me.

Prophecy Girl
Band Candy
Fear, Itself
The Gift
Normal Again

Let me know your choices and if you have had any success sucking people into the land of Buffy.  Also, if you could only pick one episode, what would it be?  That question was too hard for my brain.

Buffy Movie: Not in the foreseeable future was host to a pretty heated discussion over the past couple of days with regards to the rumor that a Buffy movie might be in the works.  Wait, haven’t I heard that somewhere before?

As far as I can tell, this round of rumors originated when reported that SMG was in talks to reprise her role as Buffy in a movie, perhaps as a mother.  According to Scifiwire, Joss Whedon responded, “Not gonna happen.”

The responses to the Scifiwire post were immediate and passionate.  Some responders told us to ‘read between the lines’ of Whedon’s comments.  Others are sick of the rumors all together.  Still others comment that there is too much bad blood between SMG and the other Buffy team members to put a project like that together.

In my heart, I have been waiting for a Buffy movie since 2003.  However, my head keeps reading updates about busy Joss has been.  In his most recent appearances he discussed how difficult it was to finish the commentary for Dr. Horrible because of his work on Dollhouse.  The guy is busy.  Also, he’s been pretty forthcoming with the public in the past about his upcoming projects.

So, naive as it may be, I’m going to … wait for it … believe him!

“I appreciate your thoughts on the matter. In fact, I encourage you to always challenge me when you feel it’s appropriate. You should never be cowed be authority. Except, of course, in this instance when I am clearly right and you are clearly wrong.” – Giles