Joss’d Episode #058 – Fall TV is the BEST!

Join Kim, Tabz and Heidi as they discuss the new fall TV and what they’ve liked and not liked so far. Thena and Jose discuss the fact that there hasn’t an episode of Joss’d for awhile and how Ringer gets 22 seasons.. er episodes.

The FisherCast – an IntroCast for Six Feet Under

Fall TV Schedule (at a glance)
Watch Dragon Age Redemption (Episode 1) on YouTube
How Do the Avengers Fit into the Whedonverse
Emma Caufield on “Once Upon a Time” Episode 9 – Dec 18th.
Bandwagon Webseries – Emma Caufield
Have a Dickens Christmas with James Marsters
Amber Benson guest stars in Episode 10 of Ringer
Eliza Dushku on Batman Year 1 as Catwoman Clip
James Marsters and Charisma Carpenter on Supernatural
Supernatural Photos: James Marsters and Charisma Carpenter
The Avengers Trailer
American Reunion Trailer – NSFW
Julie Benz Hints She’d Love a Reunion with David on Bones
Bones returns Nov 3rd
If you like Ringer check out the RingerCast

Character of the Episode
The Guild

Questions from the Whedonesque
How do you feel ME handled financial issues in the Jossverse?
Read all the answers here.
Answers read by: Tabz, Emma, Kim and Heidi

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