Joss’d Episode #057 – Eliza Rocks!

Kim and Tabz geek out about summer TV in the Whedonverse and why you should be watching Eureka in particular. They also try to figure out why Wil Wheaton keeps being cast as a jerk. We hear a great promo from the BTL Network podcast, Knights of the Guild. The news people seem very confused, but they get over it and talk about Eliza’s newest role (get her some cat nip) and Dark Horse’s new Faith and Angel comic. Two other Whedonverse actors are popping up in new roles (yay). Kim and Tabz talk about Eliza’s acting ability in Whedonverse shows and how awesome she is. Nutty tells us about Eliza’s first roles (hint: it’s not Faith). And Tabz and Kim talk about QMx’s new Whedonverse statutes. Tabz explains what sarcasm is and doesn’t get interrupted by Kim. They also discuss Whedon academics and how you can join the Whedon Studies Association. John also puts in about fifty of our outtakes. He’s so awesome.

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Dichen Lachman added to the cast of US version of Being Human

Whedonverse Q&A

So, I’ve been watching Firefly.

(And before I say anything else, I have to get rid of some Firefly squee – OMG, I cannot believe television can be this good. I am so, so in love.)

And before that, early last year, I watched Dollhouse. Now I know that Dollhouse doesn’t even come near the brilliance that is Firefly (even though, I really did enjoy Dollhouse. Especially the second season, but nonetheless, I started to think. After watching Firefly and Serenity, I began to see where Dollhouse came from. From what idea. The whole River story started to remind me of Echo and the other Dolls. It was like seeing an extreme AU of Firefly, where the experimentation with brains went to doll-creating, creating someone as a weapon or assassin. Just that the Blue Hands in Firefly aren’t quite there yet. (Thank god.)

So I thought I’d just throw that out there. What do you think? To what extent do the dolls in Dollhouse follow on from the Blue Hand’s project in Firefly?

I just think it’s interesting that Joss has had this topic on his mind so much. :p

See the question, answers and answer it yourself!

Thanks to Scott W., Dan Putnam and AthenaMuze for reading the answers.

Before Faith
Thanks so much Nuchtchas for the look back at Eliza Dushku’s first roles!
Eliza Dushku IMDb page

Character of the Episode
Eleanor Penn from Dollhouse

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  1. MikeK from SoCal

    Loved the podcast especially since it featured Eliza Dushku who I’ve been following since I first saw her on “True Lies”! Next movie I remember seeing Eliza in was “Race the Sun” then of course “Bring It On!” and then “Wrong Turn” where she kicked some you know what. Glad she got a starring role in “Dollhouse”. Did you mention she was on “The Big Bang Theory”?

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