Joss’d Episode #056 – Welcome Back to Us!

Host Notes
The Avengers 2011
Robert Downey Jr. Talks about Joss
Robert Downey Jr. talks about Joss Whedon and The Avengers.
A Better Look at Hawkeye and the Hulk
Super 8
The Big Bang Theory
Buy Richard Castle’s books on Amazon!
Richard Castle’s Twitter
The Guild
Knights of the Guild Podcast

Fan Report from Golden Apple Comics event with Jane Espenson & Georges Jeanty
Pre-Order Buffy Season 9 at TFAW!
First look at Eliza Dushku on set of White Collar.
Eliza Dushku tweets “White Collar” photo.
Eliza Dushku to star in online “motion comic” series of Torchwood.
(SPOILER) CBR talks to Andrew Chambliss about “Dollhouse: Epitaphs”.
Can’t Stop The Serenity LA To Be Broadcast Live
Find your local Can’t Stop the Serenity Event
Buffy digital comic to be part of Dark Horse retailer exclusive.

Castle Links
Buy Castle DVDs on Amazon
Andrew Marlow interview about Castle (and the Moonlight Curse)

Character of the Episode
Captain Hammer (Dr. Horrible)
Nathan Fillion

Whedonverse Questions
Spike has been called the little black dress of the Buffyverse because one can ship him with pretty much any character from Angel to Xander. The impulsive vampire with the punk demeanor and poet’s heart is shipped heavily in fandom. Do you ship Spike with many different characters or just one? If you ship Spike with another character, canon pairing or otherwise, who and why?

Click here to read all of the answers.

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