Cool Refreshing Zima #002 – Buffy Season 2 Review

Between the Lines Studios presents – Cool Refreshing Zima! A Buffy review by three high-school students. The episodes were lost to the interwebs, so we’re reposting them. Note to listeners who may not have heard CRZ before, they do spoil all of Buffy, so if you haven’t watched already make sure to watch all 7 seasons.

Cool Refreshing Zima #002 – Buffy Season 2 Review (First Aired 2/15/2006)

In this second installment of cool, refreshing zima, The Not-So-Evil Trio returns to review Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 2. Listen to them go on about the angst, angst and angst that is Season 2,… cool, refreshing zima is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer review podcast created by Buffy fans for Buffy fans. We hope to bring in a new perspective on Buffy, since we are female high school students ourselves. So, come join in on the analytical fun, humor, and awkward moments of off-topicness!

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