Joss’d Episode #HAL1 – Special Discussion on Buffy S2 Ep6 “Halloween”

Just in time for the Halloween season join Tabz, Kim, Emma and the team from Buffyfest (Dan, Tara, and Michelle) as they discuss Buffy Season 2 Episode 6 – “Halloween”. Spoilers abound in this episode so make sure you’ve watched all of Buffy before listening.

Halloween Synopsis (from

It’s the most quiet night of the year for the undead, which would mean a quiet night for our Gang, except they’re pressganged by Principal Snyder into baby-sitting the kids of Sunnydale while they trick or treat. The gang go to buy their costumes at a new place run by a mysterious Englishman called Ethan Rayne. Xander saves money on a soldier’s costume, Buffy chooses a noblewoman’s costume to impress Angel, while Willow chooses a revealing outfit, at Buffy’s urging. She chickens out and wears a ghost’s sheet over it. Ethan is clearly a bad ‘un, since he casts a spell to turn people into their costumes. Buffy is now powerless and at the mercy of Spike, Xander is a real soldier, Willow is the Ghost of Hookers Past and everyone else is a monster. Ethan and Giles have some bad history it seems, and Giles brutally beats the spell reversal out of Ethan. This brings everyone back to normal, much to Spike’s displeasure.

Favorite Quotes (Special Thanks to Buffyverse Dialogue Database)

Cordelia: Angel’s a vampire? The cuddly carebear-with-fangs kind? (Tara)
Cordelia: When it comes to dating, I’m the slayer. (Tara)
Giles: (to Willow) and you’re the ghost of what exactly? (Emma)
Willow: “She couldn’t have dressed up like Xena?” (Tabz)
Oz: Who is that girl? (Dan)
Spike: Well this is just… neat (Kim)
Spike: Eyeballs to entrails, my sweet. (Michelle)

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