Joss’d Episode #055 – Carry on My Wayward Son

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Joss Interview with Australia SciFi
Jane Espenson in Australia
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DragonCon is over 😉 — James Marsters cancelled and we kind of predicted it. (in case you don’t know how awesome it is)

Our review is fairly non-spoilerly (nothing big plot wise).
CW – Supernatural Website
IMDB – Supernatural

Character of the Episode
Agent Tanaka
Played by Mark Sheppard

Whedonverse Q&A

If you could ask Joss or any of the writers ONE question about the series they wrote, what would it be?

The question could be about why they wrote something, why they didn’t write something, any question really as long as it’s about the series they wrote.

Fan Music:

It’s SPN! by Mummyluvr
Filk parody of Stephen Lynch’s D&D song.

Got a cool classic car
Plays some rockin guitar
On the C-Dub on Thursday nights
And the boys’re on the run
Huntin’ down something fun
Everyone’s lookin’ out for a fight

I’ve got my room full of friends
Spec about how it ends
And we’re all beltin’ out some Wayward Son
‘N the lights are all out
For Tom Welling’s last pout
So bring on the hot boys and their guns

It’s SPN!
Fightin’ with the creatures of you
It’s SPN!
Never seen a man cry before (nope)

Now that old book of dads
And the friends that he had
Are used as huntin’ reference tools
And when we joke about clowns
And Heaven’s wrath comin’ down
Were the coolest kids in our schools


So Kripke is a bastard
But he’s pretty much our master
Holding every contract to our souls
And though it’s gettin’ kinda strange
With every misdirect and change
I need to see just how the story unfolds

It’s SPN!
Demon blood and plenty o’ gore
It’s SPN!
Never wanted her to die more

Now the Devil’s on the rise
Soon as that white light dies
And the shit’ll hit the fan from there
Whether we end at five
Or the show stays alive
We just want the network to play fair

For the brothers, you see
Whom we call Sam and Dean
Deserve their happy ending yet
And if they both die
There’ll be fear in Kripke’s eyes
As the fans hunt him down, hell regret

Writin’ SPN!
Were fangirls that can terrify
It’s SPN!
Like Dean without

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