Joss’d Episode #053 – Welcome to the City of the Ghost of Serenity Act 1

Join Tabz and Kim as they discuss recent news, Joss’ first episodes and introduce you to the wonder that is Lauren Fairweather. Sorry for the short notes, Tabz computer met liquid destruction and may be down for awhile.

Nick Brendon on Criminal Minds & Appearing in France
Whedonverse Questions answers our discussion about Joss’ first episodes.
Happy Town

Fan Music of the Episode
Engines Make Me Hot – Lauren Fairweather
Guitar Tabs for the song.

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  1. jay largo

    has anyone seen the new emma Caulfield’s new film “dont panic its organic” check it out!
    its so wild i found this website that has a trailer of this film emma cauilfield is in
    does anyone know where i could see the whole film?

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