Joss’d Episode #052 – Beware of the Lizards

Tabz and Kim return and talk about comics (including the Guild, Terminator and Angel). Congrats to Felicia Day & Sean Becker for winning awards at the Streamys! Tabz inserts Doctor Who love, but Kim brings them back to topic – including Glee! The gals squee and discuss NPH and Joss’ upcoming episode (coming May 18th). Tabz predicts Heidi will appear, and then she did! The Liane stumps us with a V trivia question. Then Kim and Tabz return to discuss V, with help from some LJ friends. Tabz also alienates all of the Joss’d fans (ha, alien.. see what we did there). Larissa shares another Whedonverse Question! Tabz and Kim also discuss the question. Tabz makes a plea for everyone to watch Chuck when it comes back in May. Then they introduce the fan song, “Twixt My Nethers” by the uber talented Tally. Of course, Liane gives the answer to her trivia and then the awesome “Twixt My Nethers” song.

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The Guild Comic Book <- Buy on Amazon Terminator Comic
The Streamys
Oprah’s Behind the Scenes with Glee
NPH Talks About Glee
V The Series – ABC

Whedonverse Questions

How do you feel about the Xander/Anya relationship? In Doublemeat Palace, did Halfrek have a point about the way Xander treated Anya? Do you think that if Xander had gone through with the wedding, he and Anya would have had a happy marriage? If Anya had lived (*sob*), do you think they’d have gotten back together?

My sister and I got into a pretty heated discussion about them earlier (short story – she loves them, I don’t [that is, I adore both characters, particularly Anya, but I don’t like them as a couple]) and I’d like to find out how other fans feel.

Click here to read the Question and add your own thoughts!

Thanks to Heidi, Robin, John, Rochelle & Faith (the Vampire Slayer) for reading the answers!

Fan Song
Twixt My Nethers – Tally

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