Zack’d #050 – Felicia Day is Still Awesome Part 2

Tabz, Kim and Andrew discuss what TV shows will be picked up for the fall and what are likely to not be renewed (sorry guys!). Zack Whedon gets a shout out for being the best writer in the world and how we’re changing the name to Zack’d. Tabz explains why she loves House, MD and Andrew warns against fan-girl-ism. Liane gives us another Guild question to puzzle over. Heidi gives a character sketch of Zaboo (The Guild). We have another panel recording from Farpoint Convention, Felicia Day had just had lunch with a guy who bid $5000 for the lunch with Felicia in the charity auction. Felicia discusses her knitting, Buffy, motorcycles and accents. Kim, Andrew and Tabz finish up the episode discussing more TV shows are up for renewal next fall (or not). Tabz and Kim geek out about Supernatural and why you should be watching. We also present the most awesome Gmail feature we wish we had:

by burningdust

Host Links
What’s In? What’s Out? (Renewal Score Card from EW)
Update Fringe is DEF renewed for Season 3

Character of the Episode
Sandeep Parikh
Legend of Neil

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  1. Dustin

    Thanks for the mention and putting my picture up! I was getting distracted while listening to the end of the podcast, and all of a sudden I heard “Undo it.” and became suddenly alert. “They’re talking about meeee!” I was glad you enjoyed it, and it was a thrill to see it get retweeted on Twitter a few times. Thanks for posting the Felicia stuff, and for being a fun couple of girls! Andrew’s there too.

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