Joss’d Episode #051 – I’m Still Stuck in the Magic Box…

Join Tabz, Kim, and Heidi celebrate that we’ve passed 50 episodes! And they also rejoice that Felicia Day has a SyFy miniseries coming soon! Tabz corrects herself, but once again she’s now outdated – Castle HAS been renewed (as of yesterday). Preorder the next Castle Book! Liane brings trivia from Chaos Bleeds, of the sweet kind! Heidi looks at Ethan Rayne (our favorite British bad guy). Then Heidi, Kim and Tabz discuss Chaos Bleeds Playstation 2 Game (also Xbox and GameCube). We start a new segment, Whedonverse Questions, with Larissa! We end the episode with some little fandom news and, of course, the answer to Liane’s trivia.

This episode was edited by the very awesome John N.

Host Links
Angie Hart on collaborating with Joss Whedon
Make Your Own Ice Planet
Dr. Horrible iPhone App!
Felicia Day in Little Red Riding Hood
Order Heat Wave The first Castle Book
Pre-order Naked Heat Next Castle Book!
Chaos Beeds YouTube Video Walkthroughs

Whedonverse Questions
Affilated with The Whedonverse Questions LJ Comm!

This Episode’s Question: In Buffy, Angel, Firefly and Dollhouse, who was the most evil character?
See the question and answers here.

Thanks to Larissa, Melissa, Jen, Valina Cutler & Robin Hudson for voicing the answers!

In order to unlock Joss Whedon character:
Joss Whedon – Complete Level 12 with Professional difficulty. for Joss Whedon

Photos from Red:

Some Interviews from Chaos Bleeds:

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