Joss’d #047 – Buffy had a Movie?

Tabz and Kim discuss (non-spoilerly) the last episode of Dollhouse and the lack of fandom excitement. Liane like totally lays down some awesome trivia. Tabz schools Kim in Buffy the movie (okay not really) and Heidi introduces us to Pike (no, not Spike). Wrapping it up with some podcasty news, Tabz totally gets the email address for the show wrong, but Liane saves the day with the answer to her trivia question!

Edited by John N.
Intro by Jo Chen (the awesome)

Host Links
Dollhouse – the last episode (Link contains spoilers for the whole series)
Caprica has started! (watch on Syfy)
Can’t Stop the Serenity
Buffy the Movie (IMDB)
Jeremiah (Luke Perry)

Character of the Episode
Oliver Pike
Luke Perry (IMDB)

Angel Between the Lines
Upside Down & Halfway to Happyland
Strangely Literal
The Mars Effect
Juliet Landau’s Take Flight
Drones (Adam Busch & Amber Benson)

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