Joss’d Episode #045 – The Power of the Christmas Wish

Tabz and Kim discuss short people and how Hollywood is fake (it’s all related we promise). Dollhouse discussion (we are about a week behind.. hence the talk about there being episodes in December). Joss is online more! Tabz is happy that Joss loves Tinkerbell movie. We discuss Buffy alumns on Castle and why we love This American Life. The news girls sound almost sweet and normal (for a good 15 seconds). Don’t worry, it doesn’t last. But they do make some great New Year’s Resolutions! Liane has some great Christmas-y trivia! Tabz and Kim discuss their Christmas wishes for Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dr. Horrible and Dollhouse. Heidi shares her character of the episode! If you missed Felicia Day on Lie to Me – you need to go see it now! Felicia sings! We’re very happy to say that Mark Shepard is going to be on an upcoming episode of Chuck (which returns on 1/10). Buffy repeats are going to be starting on LOGO and MTV in January (get your friends addicted). Alexis Denisioff has a reoccurring role on the new ABC Family show Pretty Little Liars. And Tabz and Kim let you know that Joss’d is gonna be on hiatus till February (so stay tuned)!

Tabz and Kim on the Media Junkyard Podcast
Andy Hallet Tribute Comic
Marc Balucus on Castle Hulu.
This American Life
Hitflix’s Best of the Decade TV Shows
Chuck vs. the Podcast
Green Shirts podcast

MORE LINKS COMING AFTER XMAS…. we’re busy wrapping presents!!

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