Joss’d Episode #044 – A Ritual Sacrifice with Pie!

In this episode Tabz and Kim comment on the sad news, but give you a lot of happy news to balance out the pain. Tabz mispronounces another Whedonverse actor’s name, Kim comments on which Whedonverse actor’s show she enjoys watching, and the show notes get vaguer by the minute. Kim and Tabz almost burst into song over Joss directing an episode of Glee (almost). We also discuss how Felicia Day must sign our Penny maquettes from QMx. Zack Whedon is writing, and we want hm to write more. Emma is trapped in a freezer with ex-trivia… uh, medicinal carrots… something. She reviews some fanfic (which was supposed to be Halloween times, but we were lame and didn’t come out with an episode then). Laura sings, Cliss demands they undo it, and mourn Dollhouse’s cancellation. There’s new Dr. Horrible merch (not just the QMx stuff), and turkeys. Laura and Cliss prove what happens when you don’t have a written outro (and it’s so not right). Erm. Happy Thanksgiving! Liane appears to help us all regain our sanity, since we just celebrated our 2nd podcast anniversary it’s complicated (okay not really). Kim and Tabz discuss Thanksgiving Whedon-y shows, including How I Met Your Mother, Buffy and Gilmore Girls! Heidi talks about Hus, the Chumash warrior from Pangs. Kim and Tabz give you some more fun Whedon tidbit-y news, including what Tabz thinks of V, when Chuck & Lost are coming back, why it’s fun to watch the actor’s twitter feeds, Jack the kitten joins the discussion and Happy Thanksgiving (again)!

This episode was edited by John N.
Intro – Jo Chen

Host Links
Dollhouse Cancelled
5 Stages of Fan Grief
Tabz & Kim on Echo Alert
Mercy Picked up for a Full Season
Castle Picked up for a Full Season (Fan Site)
CastleCast (Fan Podcast)
Joss Directing an Episode of Glee
QMx has the license for Firefly & Dr. Horrible!
QMx’s Twitter
Dr. Horrible one shot comic
Tabz & Kim discuss Pangs on Upside Down & Halfway to Happyland
Chuck Season 3 Promo
Jed and Mo’s New Food Song!

Jed and Maurissa’s new food song
Nick Brendon in The Santaland Diaries. Ticket info
Season 3 Chuck Preview
The Occulterers web series
Dr. Horrible Merch
NPH and Adam Baldwin on Twitter
Zack Whedon Interview

Character of the Episode
The Chumash People


  1. Dustin

    I’m only halfway through the podcast but it’s really making my night. I gotta say, the news girls are hilarious (but did I hear a “fuck” in there??). I can never tell if it’s scripted or “polished” or what, but it’s always funny to me. I agree with Marty from Echo Alert, we need to be glad we got 2 seasons of Dollhouse and not try to bust heads about it. I think Joss has said before, he’d rather have his tiny little fan base love his shows than a much larger fan base that just likes his shows.

  2. Katie

    Each time I have listened to the podcast, the magnificent duo of Laura and Cliss always entertain. Their segments are always entertaining to listen to, and always lots of fun! Catchy turkey song by the way 🙂

  3. Nicolle E.

    Hey ladies! I don’t want to say I told ya so… wait… yeah I do! Haha! *Spolier alert* Comaraderie in the Dollhouse has been achieved in a thrilling episode this week. The Attic was fantabulous!!

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