Joss’d Episode #043 – This is Not the Pumpkin You’re Looking For

Tabz and Kim spoil a bit of Castle awesomeness. Also the Whedonverse actors who’ve appeared on Lie to Me and apologize to all of you international viewers who can’t watch Hulu. The news girls discuss squirrels and bones (don’t ask). And they remind everyone there is no Dollhouse this week (Oct 16, 2009) for baseball. Heidi discusses our favorite man of the cloth – Shephard Book. Tabz and Kim turn into the news girls while discussing Halloween in the Whedonverse (and the extended Whedonverse) [send us candy]. Kim interviews Hayden about his new web series – The Occulters (which will feature the amazing James C. Leary and Camden Toy). Kim and Tabz return to discuss good news and bad news and everything inbetween. Cabin in the Woods delayed (but it’s a good thing) and Dollhouse needs your support (but it seems to be doing better). We also read some feedback. In case you were ever wondering Tabz and Kim explain what “Joss’d” is. And don’t forget Angel Between the Lines….

Host Links:

Nathan Fillion’s Trick or Treat on Castle (SPOILERS)
Nathan Fillion on Twitter
Richard Castle on Twitter
Lie to Me on Hulu
Lie to Me’s official page(check out the photo gallery for pics of James).
Cabin in the Woods delayed
Dollhouse on Hulu
Dollhouse on FOX on Demand
Dollhouse makes enormous DVR gain.
Dollhouse ratings for season 2 episode 3.
Why I Watch
Fox’s Red Band Promo (NSFW)

Outside The Box interview with Eliza, Enver, Dichen, and Tahmoh
An alternative to Hulu: Global TV
Maurissa on the web series FLOORED AND LIFTED in the episode “That’s Fine” interview with Felicia Day
A Conversation with Dollhouse doll Miracle Laurie
Emma Caulfield interview with interview with Morena Baccarin
Video tour of the Dollhouse set led by Eliza Dushku and Fran Kranz!
Dr. Horrible/The Guild S2 screening with Joss Whedon & Felicia Day ticket info’s second annual Dr. Horrible/The Guild Halloween charity screening ticket info
Alyson Hannigan in the “The Booby Scare”
Donate to accelerated cancer research. Stand Up To Cancer.

The Occulterers (on Facebook)
The Occulters (on Twitter)

This Episode is Edited by John N.


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    Hmmm, I seem to be missing a bunch of things you say will be in the show notes… I was looking for the Miracle Laurie interview. Help!

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