Joss’d Episode #042 – The House of Dolls

Clay Joins Tabz and Kim to talk Emmys and Dollhouse, Ryan helps out the news gals while Cliss and Laura are “occupied,”  and Liane tantalizes us with some great Dollhouse-related trivia. Heidi takes a closer look at Sierra and Clay proposes many frightening things while Tabz and Kim go over yet more feedback!

Host Links/Info:

Doctor Horrible on the Emmys

Neil Patrick Harris Sings About Your Television

Doctor Horrible Calendar

Christian Kane’s Tour Info

News Links:

Tahmoh Penikett Talks Dollhouse Season 2

Nathan Fillion and Halo 3

Comic Book Writer Bill Williams on ‘Angel’

Astonishing X-Men By Joss Whedon & John Cassaday Omnibus

Nick Brendon’s Audio Blog

Character of the Episode:


Dichen Lachman




  1. Dustin

    You guys and gals are hilarious. I can almost see you all shaking your heads at each other. There’s a fine line between crazy funny and crazy annoying, and this show so far is definitely funny.

    I actually had heard of Joss’d in a few places but had no idea it was a podcast until I listened to the new Echo Alert. I also listen to Happyland when I can. So I’ll be checking out some older shows, and I already subscribed.

  2. Nicolle E.

    Wow thanks for the shout outs ladies!! Welcome Back!!

    Loved that we got to really get into Dollhouse on this one. I’m really loving it so far, the only thing that I’m missing that resonates in other Joss shows is the comfort of “the gang” coming together and that close knit feeling that the Scoobies, the Angel Investigations team, and the crew of Serenity had. But, I think that will come to us soon when the Active start achieving new awareness.

    Oh and, Clay… totally hilarious! Haha! I’d love it for you to bring him back on the show anytime. What is the mystery shampoo attracts such fun people?

    Haven’t taken the time to properly show appreciation to the tantalizing Liane! I love the trivia, all I need now is my own personal buzzer button.

    Can’t wait for the next one!

    PS I missed the news girls, Ryan, you were a bit too news caster-y for me. Though they are no doubt big shoes to fill.

  3. MS

    Love the content, your commitment and enthusiasm. You are all entertaining, erudite and genuinely funny. I’ve been listening for about 9 months now and paid attention when you said listen for awhile before posting a review. Unfortunately I still intermittently turn you off because of the excessive giggling. You’re so expressive – the listeners can tell you’re enjoying yourselves without the schoolgirl (and occasionally boy) giggling. It’s my only complaint. I still eventually come back because I love the rest of the podcast!

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