Joss’d Episode #041 – Tabz is Back!

Tabz is back! She and Kim discuss Contropussy, how to find your favorite TV show’s date/time slot (sorry, US only) and why the US is moving towards international TV schedules. The news ladies are invaded by the little people (special thanks to Cliss’ nephew for appearing) and discuss Nathan Fillion. A lot. The news girls also discuss why you should buy your own set of Buffy DVDs and how you put together a great team of bad guys to help solve your problems. Liane puzzles us all with some great trivia about Leverage. Tabz and Kim return to talk about Fall TV shows (the Whedon related ones of course). Tabz makes a plea to keep intelligent drama on TV. Learn why Tabz can never say Marc Blucas and what show Tabz and Kim are dying to see. Heidi talks about our favorite dark slayer and friend Melissa tells us why Wicked would be great for Joss fans. Tabz and Kim come back to close out the episode and, apparently, polar bears. Kim talks about “High Plains Invaders” and why you should watch cheesy movies. Feedback is read, Tabz and Kim explain why you should always listen to the most recent episode and why we don’t endorse unicorn eating. Tabz and Emma are writing a movie script and, of course, Liane gives the answer to her trivia.

Host Links/Info:

Emma’s web comic

Fall TV Printable Guide

High Plains Invaders

Feedback (FORUMS!)

Fall TV Episodes:

Vampire Diaries (CW) – Sept 10th 8pm (with Supernatural at 9pm)


Castle (ABC)  Sept 21 10pm – MONDAYS

Bones (Fox) – Sept 17th 8pm – THURSDAY

V – Nov. 3, 2009
Gossip Girl (CW) – Sept 14th 9PM

Dolllhouse  (Fox) – Sept 25th 9pm – FRIDAY (Tues Oct 20th in the UK)
Numbers (CBS) – Sept 25th 10pm – FRIDAY

Mercy (Michelle T.) (NBC) – Sept 23rd 8pm WEDNESDAY
Criminal Minds (CBS) – Sept 23rd 9pm  WEDNESDAY

Fringe (FOX) – Sept 17th 9pm – THURSDAY

Dexter (Show) – Sept 27th 9pm – SUNDAY

See Kate Run

Legend of the Seeker – November 7th

Big Bang Theory – (CBS)  Sept 21st 9pm – MONDAYS

The Wonderful Maladys (unknown)

Happy Town (ABC) — (unknown)

Lie to Me – (FOX) Sept 28th 9pm – MONDAY

Web Series

The Guild

The Cabonauts


Leverage picked up for 3rd Season

Raising the Bar

Mad Men

Warehouse 13 (Jane Espenson and Drew Greenberg — writer Buffy/Firefly, “Safe”, “Older and Far Away”, “Him”, )

Coming in the spring



Caprica (SyFy) January 22, 2010

24 (David Fury)

News Links:

Teaser trailer for Good Morning Rabbit with Summer Glau
Christian Kane gig info
Tom Lenk EW phone interview
Neil Patrick Harris EW interview
Trailer for The Killing Jar with Amber Benson
Season 3 of The Guild on MSN!
Gina Torres talks with the geeks of (show)
Trailer for Trucker which co-stars Nathan Fillion
Trialer for Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day with Julie Benz
Jo Chen’s cover for the Season 8 tpb Retreat

I Can’t Believe it’s Not Joss


Character of the Episode

Faith (the Vampire Slayer)

Eliza Dushku on IMDB


  1. Nicolle E.

    Hey hey now! Who held this show up while you abandoned us Tabz? Not that you weren’t out working for a very worthy cause… But Kim held us up in our time of jossd need!

  2. Andres

    Great show. Don’t feel down about fans not writing much. We are here. Your podcast serves to unite people. That in itself is a great accomplishment. I remember when you guys scored an interview with Felicia Day during the writer’s strike before people really knew about her. That lead me to The Guild and subsequently to the Knights of the Guild podcast, but I still don’t forget the podcast that started it all for me.



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