Joss’d Episode #038 – Tabz? Tabz Who?

In this episode Tabz abandons Kim, and Kim works to stop Andrew from setting fire to the virtual studio. We learn why you should be watching Castle, why you should have gone to Comicon, and how you may be preventing Felicia Day from paying her bills. The news gals debate the merits of different kinds of castles, along with Laura’s unique accent. Heidi creeps us all out with Caleb. Liane is here to deliver some tricky trivia and Tabz makes a quick appearance in time to have a very fun and silly interview Hayden Black and James C. Leary. Emma records without her notes, and mourns the things we won’t see in the Buffy Reboot. To close up the episode, Andrew dedicates a special song to Kim.

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Interview With Hayden Black and James C. Leary:




Goodnight Burbank

Abigail’s Teen Diary

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  1. Buffyfest

    “Come on, to the Spuff don’t stop…don’t Spuff until you Spuff enough.”

    Yes, Kim & Andrew, it is a catchy number! And to answer your question we didn’t find it…our Ivan and Bitsy actually created it. It’s definitely a head-sticker and one that’s close to our hearts. You can find all the “Don’t Spuff” related info right here, including an 8 year old singing & dancing to it like a bat out of hell and a sad ballad version to mourn Michael Jackson:

    Thanks, glad you guys love it too. Great episode, btw.

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