What the Star Trek Writers Have to Say About a Buffy Reboot (without Whedon)

kurtzman-orciI just got back from a fantastic Writers On Writing evening with Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci about the craft of writing movies, television, what it was like working on Star Trek and much more. Toward the end of the panel someone in the audience said that they had “opened the gates to hell”, meaning that they had created a world where people were saying, “if you can reboot Star Trek, you can reboot anything.” The questioner asked what they thought of this, and then he referenced today’s story about Buffy possibly getting rebooted without Joss.

Alex looked sad and said, “really?”

The question asker confirmed as well as several members of the audience.

Bob made the funny comment that, “well, we didn’t think it was possible… until we came up with an idea on how we could do it.” (Referencing early conversations about how they were a bit reluctant to take the Transformers movie because they weren’t sure about the storyline.)

Alex then said that it would take someone who had a passion for the property to really do the script justice. Both Alex and Bob were very aware of the fandom when they went to write Star Trek, and they realized they were also accountable to the iconic-ness of Star Trek. And if someone could do that for Buffy, it could be awesome.

This from, what could be considered, the Kings of the Reboot: Alex and Bob.

Sorry it’s Mr. Alex Kurtzman and Mr. Robert Orci (inside joke from their talk).

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