Watch ‘Chuck’ and ‘Dollhouse’

Are we sick of hearing about saving Dollhouse yet?  I hope not!

The Cinema Post has a great article about saving shows ‘on the bubble’ this year and how Dollhouse and Chuck should build a following.  Remember, thanks to the faith at Fox and NBC, the hard working cast and crew of the shows and the coordinated outcry of fans, these shows are coming back in the fall (Woo hoo!).  But there is a catch:  we still have to watch them!

If you haven’t seen these shows, you can check them out at Hulu.  If you are like me and live outside the United States, you may have to get a bit creative, or buy the DVDs.  Either way, we need to watch these shows if we want them to stick around, right?  Fan power!  I feel like I need a glowing ring of some sort.

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