Joss’d Episode #033 – Legen… dary!

In this episode Tabz and Kim discuss this American Life showing (which is tonight April 23, 2009 or May 2nd, 2009). They congratulate Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen on their wedding. They welcome our new trivia gal – Liane! The news makes up for being gone last week by packing in twice as much zany. Kim and Tabz talk about how awesome How I Met Your Mother is (without being too spoilery) and why you should be watching. Then they interview Xander from Twitter! Emma reviews a Dr. Horrible/How I Met Your Mother fanfic and seems to implicate herself in the mystery around the missing trivia people. Tabz talks about the Streamy Awards, Paleyfest and PJ Haarsma’s book signing. Dollhouse Season 2 prospects are also discussed, Kim reminds people to keep watching (or restart watching). Who from the Whedonverse is Twittering now? Liane survives through the entire episode (and so did Cliss our editor). Be sure to email us at or leave us a review on iTunes.

This episode was edited by Cliss

Host Links:
This American Life
This American Life Live!
Cool Refreshing Zima! (The Podcast)
How I Met Your Mother
Barney’s Blog
Barney’s Video Resume
The Bro Code
Tabz’ Review of the Streamys
Tabz’ review of the Dr. Horrible @ Paleyfest
Harper’s Globe
Joss’ First Twitter
PJ Haarsma
Softwire (PJ Haarsma’s book series)
Kids Need to Read
Tabz at PJ’s book signing
Tabz and Kim’s Epic Spike vs. Angel discussion continues on Happyland

Alyson, Alexis, & daughter Satyana
Anthony Head’s list of special people in his life
Short Video of Dr. Horrible panel at Paleyfest
IGN Dr. Horrible @ Paleyfest Post
Tabz’ review of the Dr. Horrible @ Paleyfest
Five page preview of Angel #20
Sneak peak at Angel #23
Fran Kranz interview by Scifi Wire
BookBanter podcast interviews Amber Benson
Interview with James Marsters
Pre-order Dollhouse
Cast of Dollhouse talks to Kristen from E-online
Nathan Fillion And Alyson Hannigan on Twitter
Joss Whedon interviewed by
Joss interview with Scifi Wire

Xander (on Twitter)
Land of Karn
Dragavan Games
Twitter Fakers

Fanfic Review:
Some Kind of Hero (fic)
The Horrible Awards

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  1. Bob D

    It’s great to hear that you will be hosting Cool Refreshing Zima. It was one of my favorite Buffy podcasts (and you should encourage those slackers to do another one – being a student keeps me SO busy – boo hoo).

    Anyway, they did release the season 7 episode on some weird download site for a while. I have it in MP3 format. If you don’t have it and want it, I can send it to you. I haven’t been able to find any way for iTunes to recognize it as a podcast.

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