Intro to Buffy 101

Over at Jane After Dark, writer Jane Boursaw tells us that she just watched Buffy for the first time, and lists her top five fave moments.  Wow.  I haven’t actually met anyone who discovered Buffy just recently (although I try to convince all the kids I teach that all major life lessons can be learned in the Buffyverse ;).

Anyway, that got me thinking.  How would I convince someone to watch Buffy today?  It might help if that someone were already a fan of some of Joss’s recent work, like Dollhouse or Dr. Horrible.  If not, how do you suck someone into the World of Whedon?

I found the list Jane created a bit surprising.  I mean, most Buffy fans I know would list “Once More, With Feeling” in their top five!   That doesn’t mean, however, that my faves would make good choices for an “Intro to Buffy” course.  I had one rather pathetic attempt to create a Buffy fan that involved “Hush” (my second favourite episode).  There is a moment that was a bit too much for my friend where someone’s head explodes.  I obviously hadn’t thought that far ahead.  Hmm.

So, after some thought, here is my list of introductory episodes.  Please don’t yell at me.

Prophecy Girl
Band Candy
Fear, Itself
The Gift
Normal Again

Let me know your choices and if you have had any success sucking people into the land of Buffy.  Also, if you could only pick one episode, what would it be?  That question was too hard for my brain.


  1. Robin Hudson

    Gosh, I don’t know what episodes I would pick, specifically. I do give my English Language students extra credit points for watching Buffy! They type up a summary of the episode and how they felt about it and I give them a few extra points. My student are all university girls here in Korea. There are not many strong female role models for them. Most of them love it! 😀

  2. Debra Li

    Though I don’t have a success story to tell, I can proudly say that I am my roommate’s success story! She loves Buffy and watches it in the room and I started watching with her and I got SO addicted that I finished all seven seasons in one semester. For what it’s worth, Buffy is timeless. And I do absolutely love Once More, With Feeling.

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