Help Chuck Get a 3rd Season – Buy Subway

wbsw_graphic400x150a If you’ve listened to Joss’d for a bit, you know we’re big fans of NBC’s Chuck, a quirky comedy-drama starring Adam Baldwin (Firefly/Angel). The show is apparently on the bubble for renewal (along with our beloved Dollhouse) and fans are trying to be smart about getting the show picked up. Instead of sending thousands of peanuts or pencils they’re encouraging people to watch, buy, share and write to get the show continued.

I know what you’re saying “another save my show campaign?” But Chuck creator Josh Schwartz said this in a recent New York Times interview:

The difference between being a hit show and being an on-the-bubble show is so small now. The metrics have become so narrow that everything does help. If you do have a loyal fan base that really can make a difference. Now, more than ever, that kind of fan support can really have an impact. The cost of launching a television series is as high as it’s ever been. And obviously the odds have never gotten any better. If you look at NBC they’ve had a history of being patient with “The Office,” “30 Rock.” “Friday Night Lights” is a show where they’ve found a way to maintain its audience. Word of mouth is the most old-fashioned trend in entertainment and it still holds true. To sustain and hold onto our audience would be significant enough.

Part of the fan campaign is showing that the advertisements work. In a recent episode a Subway’s sandwhich was featured (quite prominently) so fans are rallying to go into Subway this Monday and buy sandwiches (before the Season Finale of Chuck). From

To reward and incentivize Subway for their product placement support of Chuck, on the evening of the season finale, April 27th, go to your local Subway to purchase a $5 FOOTLONG. Drop a note in the comment box at the franchise letting them know you’re participating in the campaign to save NBC’s Chuck, of which Subway is a product placement sponsor. If you plan to do this, be sure to include that intent in your letters to Ben Silverman and Angela Bromstad at NBC.

For a full list of what YOU can do to help Chuck (and Adam Baldwin) please visit’s page.

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