Firefly Shipworks and QMx Special Announcement

serenityLOS ANGELES – In what might be the strangest case to date of life imitating art, scientists at Quantum Mechanix Inc.’s Precognitive Prop Research Division (PPRD) announced today they have discovered the real-life analog to the fictitious star cluster known as The Verse, after a close examination of The Complete and Official Map of The Verse, published by PPRD’s parent company.

According to PPRD spokesperson Leland Serra, the discovery was an accident. “A couple of our scientists who monitor the Hubble – and when I say ‘monitor’ I mean hijack the space telescope when NASA scientists are off at their weekly poker game – were a little bored one night and decided to point the Hubble in the general direction of where our map says The Verse should be,” Serra said.

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