Joss’d Episode #030 – Happy Anniversary Buffy Season 8

This episode is edited by Melia

Host Links:
Josh Wheton (io9)

Tabz’ Comic Book Store – Third Planet in Torrence, CA

Buffy Season 8

Angel Aftermath

Juliet Landau writing IDW Comics



Nathan Fillion’s new Series Castle

Amy Acker in a Pilot

Marc Blucas in a pilot

Angel Between the Lines Auditions coming March 7 – 21st


Jane Espenson Answers Fan’s BSG Questions

IGN Christian Kane Interview

IfMagazine Christian Kane Interview

Joss Whedon Video Interviews:

IfMagazine Fran Kranz Interview Interview with Juliet Landaulandau-back-in-sunnydale

Drusilla Drawing for Angel Comic

Godhead Music Video Directed by Juliet Landau

Buffyfest Amber Benson Interview Part 1 & 2

AV Club Interview with Eliza Dushku

Trivia Link:

Tales of the Vampires Story (Spoiler for the answer of the Trivia)

Charter of the Episode:

Renee from Buffy Season 8

Fan Interview:

Fury of Solace

Bumps in the Night

I Can’t Believe it’s Not Joss
by Tabitha Grace Smith
Read by Nuchtchas
Due South on Wikipedia
Due South Fan Page
Ride Forever – Paul Gross Sings – YouTube
Ride Forever Documentary (A look back at Due South) – YouTube

Fan Music:
Ode to Vera – Firefly Music Project
lyrics: Kessie & Ken of the Terrifying Space Monkeys
Keyboards: Jacen
All other instruments, sounds and leadvocals: Ken of the Terrifying Space Monkeys

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