Andy Hallet (Lorne on Angel) Dies at Age 33

Andy Hallet at FX Show 2007 : Orlando, FL (photo from Flickr user Zengrrl)
Andy Hallet at FX Show 2007 : Orlando, FL (photo from Flickr user Zengrrl)

It’s not often the Whedonverse loses an actor, but tonight the fandom mourns for our favorite green crooner, Andy Hallet. According to E! the actor passed away last night at Cedars-Sinai Hospital, succumbing to heart failure after a five-year battle with heart disease, with his father Dave Hallett by his side.

A private funeral service will be held for family and close friends in Cape Cod, most likely over this weekend.

Even as I’m writing it I’m still in shock. Andy was very dear to Whedon fans. Who can’t help but smile when they hear him singing “It’s Not Easy Being Green”?

There’s an empty mike now at Caritas, you will be missed Andy. Our thoughts and prayers are with Andy’s family at this time.

In honor of Andy, I’m placing a donation at the American Heart Association and I urge other Whedon fans to do the same.


  1. Jonnathan

    I am at a loss here. So sad…we’ll miss you Andy, I pray the love and comfort of God to his family.

  2. Kent L

    Andy was a class act. He always had time for the fans and he always, always, always had a smile to share. This is a terrible loss and my deepest sympathy goes to his family and friends.

  3. ElderDaniel

    RIP Andy. One of the reasons I really enjoyed Angel was the brilliance of Andy Hallet’s Lorne. That green-skinned, silver-tongued, and golden-voiced demon brought light and levity to Caritas and made Angel a joy to watch.

  4. RhayneG

    Today is a sad day for the Whedonverse. No other voice will EVER replace the awesomeness of Lorne.

    Andy, you will be missed.

  5. Jimmy D.

    Andy Hallet was incredibly talented and will be sorely missed not only to his family, but to the entertainment industry as well. In addition, the fans of Angel all have a special place in their heart for the character of Lorne which Andy brought to life. RIP Andy.

  6. Cilene

    I’m still shocked, but I know that now he is really an Angel!!!!!!!!

    I just I’m double sad because he was a only child. I hope his parents will do well. I just want to say to them that his son is surely in Heaven making God’s life a little more rich with sound and music.

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