The company P’s Dollplay Enhances the Dollhouse Experience

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The Stockholm based radical production outfit The company P is collaborating with Joss Whedon and 20th Century Fox Television to create an interactive drama to augment their latest show, Dollhouse.

The online drama Dollplay (, follows the story of the young girl Hazel Rose (Hailee Araya), trapped in a mysterious laboratory. Almost every day several new webisodes will appear online. Anyone in the audience can record their own video and reply directly to Hazel, with the click of a button. Together they help Hazel solve her mother’s disappearance and face the problems that occur in the lab.

“Hazel’s response to the audience, is shot during the night, with the new videos published the very next day! This has never been done anywhere in the world,” says Christopher Sandberg, CEO of The company P and executive producer of Dollplay. “We dare you to jump into the Dollhouse universe headfirst. There is a very complex outline for the story and we won’t let Hazel off easy. She is at the mercy of the audience,” Sandberg explains.

The company P is a Scandinavian production house whose founders have decades of experience with interactive entertainment and participative arts, and came together three years ago to coin a new kind of online entertainment: “participation drama.” Their recent collaboration with SVT, Sanningen om Marika, won the International Emmy Award for Oustanding Interactive TV Service.

“This is our first project with Hollywood, and we’re really excited to play around with the American audience,” say Lead Designer Martin Elricsson and Lead Writer Mike Pohjola, who founded the company together with Sandberg and CTO Staffan Jonsson. The Dollplay project is a first between The P and FOX, and explores new ways to truly involve the audience in the drama of a television show. “We’ve always pushed the envelope and been seen as experimental and strange”, muses Pohjola. “With the Emmy and now this project, we’re really in the forefront.”

The interactive star of Dollplay is Hailee Araya, a Swedish actress of Ethiopian descent. Her career is picking up rapidly. After Dollplay she’s set to be the lead in a Hollywood project for the big screen. Dollplay is directed by Hugo Lilja.

The interactive webdrama Dollplay is online at

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