New Rules for Dollhouse

According to the article on entitled “Joss Whedon’s Dolls will Resolve Your Bi-Curious Feelings,” Whedon will be playing by a new set of rules for his upcoming show.  In “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” Whedon and the other writers had a rule that magic could not change the sexuality of an individual.  Lauren Davis, author of the article, cites Whedon as saying,  “On this show, people’s personalities are being completely overwritten. When someone hires an active, what they’re basically doing is hiring somebody for an experience that absolutely nobody in the world will ever know about including the person that you went through it with…If you don’t think that at least a third of the people who hire Actives are not bi-curious, you’re naive.”

I guess that means that viewers will not be seeing the same themes and problems as they did on Buffy and that we will be seeing Dolls who will be forced to go against their natural sexual preferences.  We have also heard that Echo and some of the other Dolls might not forget everything they do on assignment, so what kind of problems will that pose?  I think we are going to get another entertaining and thought provoking show from Mr. Whedon. 

The shows starts Friday the 13th on Fox.

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  1. Robin Hudson

    So, it’s Echo who starts to have ‘memory bleed’. If her initial sexual orientation is affected, I’ll be surprised. I think what we’re going to see is actives doing ‘jobs’ which require a different orientation from their own. But, Joss has said that sexuality will play a big part in the show, so we’ll see!

  2. Rhayne

    Maybe I am playing the devil’s advocate here, but isn’t this concept a bit… wrong. The way the io9 article sounded, it is almost like the “dolls” are a form of prostitute. What am I playing at? What I mean is, I hire Echo to, um, “hang out” with me. I want her personality to be an aggressive Russian operative. We run around town “spying”, then she goes back to the dollhouse at the end of the day. Sounds almost like a rent-a-toy kind of situation. *shrug* I could be seeing this all wrong in gutter-mind way.

  3. Tabz

    I think you nailed it on the head Rhayne. They are rent-a-toys. And I hope that’s part of what Whedon addresses (society’s ethical blurring because of money or power or whatever). They’re high-class hookers in some senses – but they’ve chosen the lifestyle…. so it’s an interesting concept.

  4. Rhayne

    Good point, Tabz! That would be an amazing set of concept to work with, the ethics of it all. And you’re right, they did choose the lifestyle!

  5. Robin Hudson

    Yes, I think you’ve got it Rhayne. Joss has said that many people will be very uncomfortable with where the show will go, so, yeah, I think you’re right on.

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