Vote for Felicia Day & The Guild at the Streamy Awards!

Streamy Awards
If you have not yet watched the Guild like we keep telling you to, please go do so now. And while you marvel at the awesomeness that is Felicia Day and the cast/crew of this fantastic webseries go over and nominate them that the Streamy Awards.

What are the Streamy Awards? They are not for who fogs up the mirror the most, but rather a kind of Oscars for Web Television. Accord to the Streamy Awards website it’s hosted by “a consortium of leading new media companies — Tilzy.TV, Tubefilter, and NewTeeVee — to recognize outstanding achievement for shows produced originally for broadband distribution.”

Given the great production, writing and acting values of the Guild they sure do deserve at least your nomination – if not an award as well.

Felicia and the Guild have asked for your help in getting them nominated. For that entry please visit the Guild’s website.

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