Joss’d – Needed: Your Best Whedonverse Crack Pairings

Betta George and Spike… Sporge!
The Mayor and Angel.. Mangle!
Gwendolyn Post and Gacknar – Gwacknar!
Spike and River — Spiver.. or Rike?

What’s your craziest Whedonverse pairing? We need some to read on our next episode of Joss’d! Just pair any two characters (at least one needs to be from a Whedon universe).

Leave your comments here or email us at – we need them by Saturday!


  1. Philippa

    Jayne and Xena, warrior princess. Mainly I’d just love to see the (probably sexual) sparks and who’d ‘win’ [GGG].

    Jayne and Ronin Dex from Stargate:Atlantis
    [fight, women, beer, kill wraith, more beer]

    River and Ronin Dex
    [being beat up by a 90lb girl…AGAIN!]

    Jayne and John Casey from ‘Chuck’
    [green screen nightmare for Adam, but it’d be interesting to watch!!]

    Illyria and River
    [fight club!]

    Angel or Spike vs Edward Cullen
    [kill the sparkly vampire NOW!]

  2. suziqb77

    Some of the pairings:

    Spike and Xander………spander

    Spike and Lindsey……..spendsey

    Spike and Clem………Splem

    Spike and Joyce……..Spoyce

    Faith and Clem……….Flem (giggles)

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