Joss’d Episode #027 – Kim and Tabz Ramble On

This episode was edited by Melia
Apologies for it being so frakkin’ long!

Host Links
Golden Globes
People’s Choice Awards
Mad Men (We forgot to mention that Mad Men won some Golden Globe awards too! Congrats Christina Hendricks
Horrible Awards

BUFFY Season 8 #24’s cover
#24 variant cover
Harmony Bites Webcomic
Jane Espenson Interview
Death’s Daughter Book Review
Eliza Dushku Interview
New Dr. Horrible Merch
James Marsters Behind-the-scenes pics

‘Strictly Sexual’ starring Amber Benson on DVD

Character of the Episode
Jayne Cobb on Wikipedia
Adam Baldwin – IMDB
Serenity quotes

I Can’t Believe it’s Not Joss
The Mighty Boosh on Wikipedia
The Mighty Boosh BBC site
The Mighty Boosh YouTube (Official)

Fan Interview
Dr. Horrible Awards

Fanfic Review
Serenity Tales: The Black
Serenity Tales: Beginner’s Luck
“Synth” by yhlee and astridv (AtS/Fray xover; COMPLETE)

Mudder’s Milk – Marc Gunn

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