Joss’d Episode #023 – Toy Story Edition

Xander: “Do you think she’s gonna be okay in here?”
Cordelia: “I don’t know. Lysette got her nose done here, and she came in
looking for the Gwyneth Paltrow, and it looked more like the Mr. Potato Head.”
Willow: “Buffy’s not in here for cosmetic surgery.”
Cordelia: “No, but while she’s in here, she might as well get that thing done.
You know, that thing on her face? You know that thing.”
Willow: “Do you think Angel will attack Buffy in here?”
Xander: “He can come in. It’s a public building.”
Willow: “That’s true.”
Cordelia: “Am I the only one that’s noticed that thing?”

Character of the Episode:

Rex on Wiki
Wallace Shawn
Rex on IMDB

Toy Box:

Green Army Men
Slinky Dog
Mr. Potato Head

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