MTV’s Dream Cast for Runaways!

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There was the Scooby Gang, there was the Buffy gang (who often called themselves the Scoobies), and then there are the Runaways (who don’t call themselves anything). One’s a witch, one’s a mutant, one’s an alien — but they didn’t know these things until they discovered that their parents were actually evil super-villains bent on destroying the world. So what did these teens do? They ran away, stealing whatever magical tools they could grab, and in so doing, became a misfit group of super-heroes, pledging to fight their parents and any other big bads who got in their way.

“Runaways” is a popular Marvel comic-book series, written by Brian K. Vaughan, who handed it over to Joss Whedon, and it’s about to become a movie as well, with Vaughan scripting. We’re confident he’s got that covered, but what about the casting? Here are a few suggestions to get the “Runaways” moving.

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