Joss’d Episode #010 – Live Recording from Buffy Reunion

We have been asked by the Paley center to remove the recording. And we now have.


  1. fake

    Thanks for the recording. Although honestly, it’s kind of painful to hear. Literally. The cast/crew are so soft and the girl cheering in the audience is so very, very loud.

  2. QuoterGal

    Thanks for this. You are a doll for recording & sharing – that’s at least 1000 karma points right there (although I haven’t gotten my Karma Point Handbook updates for 2008 yet, so it may be more…)

  3. Buffy SingAlong

    Sniff. I couldn’t go – but your audio of the show made up for it. Thanks so much!

    PS – I know the cheering is because you were recording from your seat and couldn’t control yourself. And, really, who could? Thanks for doing it! And posting so quickly.

  4. Laura

    It may be hard to hear but at least we can hear it for those that werent able to attend. Gosh I could just listen to Sarah talk forever!. From the pics I saw looks like Sarah has her long blonde hair back again, so pretty everyone looks amazing and so great seeing Sarah and Michelle together and awww Michelle love her!.

    THANK YOU!! Thank you SO much

    The puffy comment ^_^

  5. Tabz

    Plus, honestly as I said in my blog – the cast members were having a HARD time with their mics, they weren’t placed properly and a lot of times if they turned their head – you could barely hear them.

  6. Sooner Joe

    Thanks for this.

    For me it is a painful to listen to something like this. These are the actors and not the characters. So As a fan, I’m worried about someone crushing my view of the show or a character. Why take the risk, you know? Stay in the Buffy-is-perfiect bubble.

    Not to worry, though. After listening, I’m very glad I did. It’s great to see that they seem to have genuine affection and fond memories of what they did. And that they are willing to get in front of the fans and talk about it.

    Sarah didn’t have to come to this. I had the feeling that she was done with all-things-Buffy. Not so. I don’t expect her to sign up for some future Buffy project, but you never know.

    Fun stuff. Thanks, again.

  7. hypersensitive/obsession4buffy

    Tabz, you are a GODDESS for recording the panel and sharing the mp3 with all of us who weren’t able to attend!! I didn’t have any trouble understanding what was going on in the panel at any given moment (um, it’s called the volume control on your computer people), and hearing you guys laughing and cheering made me feel all the more a part of it all!

  8. entEngle

    Just reading ‘Sooner Joe’s
    comment makes me realize
    how important this event
    really was. SMG had stayed
    so far from any public BtVS
    event, for SO long. It’s a
    bit like she breathed life
    into her former self. This
    mp3 and the other quotes on-
    line make last week’s panel
    a MONUMENT to Buffy’s life!

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  10. Ruperttheripper

    Was she wearing that recorder as a necklace? Glad she’s a fan. But not everything is that funny.

  11. GG

    This was awesome. In case we never get a chance to purchase a DVD of this event, I have had the opportunity to listen, and feel as if I were part of it. Thanks!!! What a treasure!!

  12. eternity21

    Lucy & _3xy_ have you been able to get a copy of this yet. I saved it before it got taken down…whew!! I am willing to share.

  13. halfelven

    Ugh. I got so excited when I saw this link. I have been searching high and low for a video or recording. Can someone who saved it email me a copy? Pretty please…

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