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Firefly: Objects In Space is proud to announce the launch of a brand new, re-designed website, as well as a new space station in the Firefly ‘verse!
The new website ( was a collaborative effort between the hosts, FSF Griffen ( & FSF Hawg ( Griffen created a new look that re-energizes the website, while Hawg took that look and fleshed out the site, keeping the look consistent throughout all the pages. The new site gives the sim – one of the only Firefly sims in existence – a professional look as well as a portal for Firefly/Serenity information.

Also launching is space station Tiryns, an Alliance run space station on the rim. But unlike the ships Serendipity & Bonifate, this time it is under Alliance control. Want to play an Alliance officer? How about a resistance fighter organizing under their noses? Or maybe a merchant trying to get by and feed his/her family? There is *NO* requirement to join the sim to post on the Tiryns station, and there are *NO* weekly or monthly posting requirements to play. Simply head to the message boards ( and jump on in!

More about Tiryns:

Space station Tiryns is about taking sides and making choices. You make your choices and deal with the consequences. You have to be careful about what doors you close, and which one you open.

It is about taking something you believe in and working to make that happen.

It is about pain and suffering, but it is also about joy and happiness.

It is about fear and loss, but it is also about hope.

It is about dreams being destroyed…and it is about dreams being born.

It is about respect and forgiveness, and it is about never being able to forgive.

The characters are flawed and because of that, they are believable.

There are tensions, things happen, characters change.

Station Tiryns; the newly commissioned station on the Rim who’s seen better days. Now, corruption’s set in and its up to the new commander to set things right. Civilians, Merchants, Alliance; All living
together. All trying to make a place for themselves. All hoping to call Tiryns, home. There are incompetents and thugs, unable to appreciate the future of the Rim, bent on making their mark. Likewise, there are idealists, the ambassadors who have the needs of the many foremost in their minds. No matter what they are, each have their own visions of what the future holds.

It’s the truth. Sometimes, those visions tend to clash. But that’s the beauty of the Rim.

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