Tell CNN What YOU think of the WGA Strike

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This is A GREAT way to show your support for the WGA and all they’re fighting for!

Some TV talk shows are resuming production even as an ongoing writer strike has plunged many programs into rerun territory. David Letterman and Conan O’Brien recently went back on the air sporting furry beards and lots of strike-themed material. We want to know what you think about bare-bones TV and the entertainment industry’s response.

Send us your thoughts about the strike and the resuming shows, and include a picture of yourself if possible. Better yet, grab a digital camera or cell phone and record a short video of your thoughts. Tired of reruns? Have you found the resumed shows entertaining, and did you miss them? Should late-night talk shows continue during the strike? What do you think will be the long-term effects of the strike, if any? How you feel about the striking writers and the treatment they have received?

Then, take things a step further and stand up to the standup kings. Write your own top 10 list or comedy routine and send it to us in text, video or graphic form. Deliver your own monologue, show us a short comedy sketch and tell us who and what you’ve put “on notice.” Be sure to keep it funny and keep it clean.

Use the form below to send files from your computer, or e-mail from your cell phone. (Need help? Check the Toolkit.)

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