Joss’d Episode #004 GRR ARGH! Falala la

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In this episode Tabz interviews:

Summer Glau (River)

Eliza Dushku (Faith – and Echo on Dollhouse)

David Fury (writer for Buffy, Angel, Lost and 24)

Doug Petrie (writer/producer/director Buffy, writer/producer for CSI, writer for Fantastic Four, TruCalling, Harriet the Spy and Clarissa Explains it All).

Drew Goddard (writer Buffy, Angel, Lost, Alias)

Tom Lenk (Andrew on Buffy) and Jack Plotnick (Deputy Mayor of Sunnydale on Buffy – Faith stabbed him)

Felicia Day (Vi, the potential, Buffy Season 7)

Jane Espenson (writer Buffy, Angel, Firefly, BSG)

Tim Minear (producer/writer Firefly, Drive, Angel)

Fans Matt and Stephen Jacob

Juliet Landau (Drucilla on Buffy and Angel)

Joss Whedon (needs no parenthesis)

ME Day Links:

Wall Street Journal talks about Fans
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Boston TV Party
Joss at ME Day (Vid)
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ME Day Fanvid
ME Day Flikr
Comic Book Resources Talks ME Day
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News Links:
Georges Jeanty interview
Serenity: Better Days
James Marsters Site

Trivia Performance (From Amends):

The First/Rachel – Rachel (bakatulip)

Angel – Clay Robeson

Buffy – Kim (AthenaMuze)

The piece behind the trivia is by Austin Wintory

Praise to Joss Whedon by StanPeel

Have Yourself a Shiny Browncoat Christmas by JuleSong

Carol of the Bells performed by Kim, Clay, Larissa and Tabz from Buffy Between the Lines


  1. Julesong

    Wow… not only do you include my “Have Yourself a Shiny Browncoat Christmas” but you call me a “famous Browncoat”! Whee! *grin* Thanks, guys! Good job on the ‘cast! 🙂

  2. corey

    Hi all are the song recordings available anywhere for download separate from the podcast it sounded great and I would like to throw it on during christmas eve dinner

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