Joss’ Relations (And the WGA)

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From Whedonesque:

Dear friends,

I have linked you to this because it made me laugh. And the observant eye will observe (eyely) that some of the people who made it are related at me from birthings! Also, it’s true. Like, honestly.

There’s been a lot of talk about the moguls’ motivations, that they’re greedy beyond greednitutedesnous, but the other point that needs to be stressed is that they are totally banoonoos. They have left the reservation. They have so much, they have forgotten the concept of human need. That’s why this vid is a true vid, even if the sound is a little spotty.

Besides laughing at this, I have been scheming schemes. This strike is a watershed moment for creators, and I’m trying to make sure I’m on the side of the water that’s going, or that I’m over the top of the… shed-thing… marching toward — dripping toward the… future… of water… Damn this metaphor! I look a fool! Anyhoo, I’m working to make sure the writers stand strong, the community stays solvent, and the fans get what they deserve. (That sounds threatening, but I just mean stories.) Stay tuned.

And if I don’t get the chance to post for a while, Happy holidays.

Forever sick, -j.

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