WGA Support: Phone Blitz

On Monday the WGA and AMPTP will recommence negotiations. The FFWGA wishes them Godspeed. However, our support cannot waver. I must stress: we will not stop campaigning on the writers’ behalf until the contract is signed, sealed, delivered, and serenaded by Stevie Wonder.

That is why on Monday and Tuesday, during normal business hours (9AM to 5PM) we are asking EVERY ONE of our members to call one or all of the following numbers:

Anne Sweeny, ABC

Kevin Reilly, Fox

Bruce Rosenblum, Warner Bros.
Phillippe Dauma, Viacom

Jeff Zucker, NBC Universal

1.212.975.4545 (This is a direct line)
Les Moonves, CBS

We want to stress that the whole thing shouldn’t take more than thirty to forty-five seconds (depending on how slow you speak). No one that answers the phone-call will yell or scorn you. Hopefully, it will go straight to a voicemail box. These numbers work. Please leave a polite but firm message that includes the following points:

* Your name, your demographics (age, sex, state and/or local affiliate), and your favorite television show.

* Tell them: “You hope the contract negotiations are successful. You want the writers to receive fair compensation for their work and for production on your favorite show to continue.”

* Stress that: “You hope for a swift resolution because until the writers receive a fair contract you will not download any episodes from official sites. You will not watch streaming “promotional” video online. You will not watch any replacement television, unscripted reality or game shows, and nightly news programs. And when the new episodes stop airing, you will turn off your television. Period.”

* When you call make sure to:
1. do not threaten
2. use formal/business English
3. address them as Mr./Ms. Or Sir/Madam
4. do not use fan-speak, slang, or four-letter-words
5. speak clearly and be brief
6. conclude with “thank you” or “sincerely”
7. do not threaten

If you are still confused, here’s a script:

Hello Mr./Ms. [their name]

My name is [insert name]. I fall into the [insert demographic information] bracket and my local affiliate is [insert local affiliate’s name].

I am calling on behalf of the writers of my favorite show, [insert show].

I wanted you to know that I intend not to download any episodes from official sites; and, not to watch streaming “promotional” video online; and, not to watch any replacement television, unscripted reality or game shows, and nightly news programs until the WGA writers receive fair compensation for their work.

When the new episodes stop airing, I will be joining my local book club. I hope this week’s negotiations are successful. I really want production on [insert favorite show] to continue.

Thank you for your time,
[your name]

This will really work. It is essential that the AMPTP does not assume the fans will go away because they started talking again. We need to show them we are serious, committed, and professional.

The Fandom Liaisons are already spreading the word throughout the livejournal and internet. If you still want to help, leave us a comment there. And please feel free to pimp this own your own f-list, blog, or e-mail circle.

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