Official Message from The WGA Re: Strike Support from 11/26/07

As we resume negotiations, both sides have agreed to a press blackout… which is a good thing. Serious negotiations don’t take place in the media or in rumor mills. So while we can’t talk about what’s happening at the table, we can share some good news: Even though we’re in the fourth week of a strike, support for our cause is growing among our members, our sister guilds, other unions, and even the public.

Three separate surveys indicate overwhelming support for the WGA. The most recent source of good news comes from Daily Variety. Nearly two-thirds of their readers, representing a wide range of affiliations, support the strike. Even more impressive, when Writers Guild members were given the chance to express their opinions in a secret ballot without peer pressure, 84 percent stated the strike was necessary. Furthermore, 69 percent of all the Variety subscribers polled see the WGA as being “more honest and forthright” than the media corporations.

The AMPTP has less reason to smile. Fifty percent of respondents said that since the onset of the strike their view of the corporations has become more negative. Two percent like them better. Adding to the AMPTP woes, 52 percent of Variety subscribers blame the media corporations for any crew layoffs that have taken place.

Today’s Wall Street Journal (11/26/07) praised the strength of the WGA, saying that the “walkout has enjoyed strong unity” and warning media corporations that the strike could lead to the “total collapse of Hollywood’s entertainment machine.” Obviously, that is not our objective. We are committed to bringing this strike to a timely end. A robust and profitable entertainment industry benefits us all.

We continue to win tremendous support from across the nation and our own industry. You’ll be hearing more about this in the days to come. But this is no time to be over-confident. We are at a critical juncture and must not lessen our resolve. Returning to the negotiating table is a beginning, not the end. If we are to succeed it is because we – all of us – keep the pressure on.

We thank you all for your efforts and ask you to continue to dedicate yourself to this cause with an even greater level of energy and enthusiasm. Please be assured that our Negotiating Committee’s strategy remains the same – to stay at the table until we have a good deal.

As Patric says, we are all in this together.

Your Board of Directors

Ron Bass

John F. Bowman

Nancy De Los Santos

David A. Goodman

Mark Gunn

Nick Kazan

Kathy Kiernan

Robert King

Peter Lefcourt

Aaron Mendelsohn

Joan Meyerson

Phil Alden Robinson

Howard A. Rodman

Robin Schiff

Tom Schulman

Dan Wilcox

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