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Okay. this is it. The last couple of years we have been promoting and raising lots of money here in our own small part of the verse, helping charities and showing muchos love for Firefly and also Serenity, the subsequent film. This year though, we wanted to really go for it in a big way…. and offer Browncoats and Joss Whedon fans worldwide the chance to win loads of great prizes and raise even more money for his charity of choice, Equality Now – helping them to end violence and discrimination against women throughout the world.

Also where appropriate, we will be helping out other charities too with promotion and donations, such as Freedom From Hunger, MS Society, Marine Corps – Law Enforcement Foundation and several other deserving but often overlooked charities around the world. So rest assured that alongside Equality Now, you will almost certainly also be helping others in your part of the world too.

If you wanna dive straight into this: CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS

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